10 Tips On How To Make Your Small Kitchen Look Spacious And Bigger

Have you been watching too much of the cooking shows lately? Then you feel sorry for your small cramped kitchen. Worry no more as this post will give you ideas how minor alterations can help you create that space in your kitchen. It may sound to be difficult to find an answer to how to make your small kitchen look spacious and bigger, but let us be honest, it is possible. How? Read it here first.

  • Brightness – The first thing that we would like to explain here would be to light up the kitchen area. A dingy kitchen will not be worth anything except for attracting negative vibes from the environment. Brighten the same kitchen with some additional lights and see the difference right away. We believe light always makes things look better. What do you say?
  • Compact appliances – Now this is smart thinking and if you have compact appliances, then consider yourself to be lucky. On the other hand, if you don’t then think about investing into tings like a slim refrigerator and a sleek blender. Just because your kitchen is small that doesn’t mean you should avoid buying kitchen essentials. Go on buy the right ones which means don’t get everything randomly.


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  • Glass door – Yes, this actually works and installing glass cabinet doors can be more about fun. Okay we know you have to keep everything organized all the time, but isn’t this the idea for organizing your kitchen? If you keep see through cabinet doors, your kitchen will look more airy and spacious. Another point that should be added is that you need to declutter your cabinet. Please throw away anything that is not required and has been kept as a memory. So tidy up, stack up and most importantly clean up your cabinet. Get them ready.
  • Walls for storage – Have ever thought about this? Chances are less but it is a fact that you can store on the walls. Just hang a simple rack from the walls and use up the empty space to get the most out of your walls. Avoid storing utensils with their hollow face up and hang them face down instead to make it look better. You can also use the space above the sink by fixing a rail to hang your pots and pans. This space is never thought of, but this can be used as a great resort.
  • Install drawers and pull out pantry – That is correct, install couple of drawers at places where you think will be most fitting to you. Another thing that needs to be added here is to invest in a pull out pantry as that will help you organize and reach out for required items without much of a difficulty. You can store bottles, canned food, spices and a lot more. You can look for some space beside your refrigerator and if you have a 4 to 10 inch gap, that could do. Why not use this space and store a few cans?
  • Rolling cart – How about getting a rolling cart if you really do not have that space in the kitchen? Go for the one that has a butcher’s top as you can use for cutting and chopping like a counter top. This can really make your life easy as you can move it around and let it stand in a corner when you don’t need it. It has wheels and this mobility is the biggest upside of this kind of a storage medium. What say?
  • Color scheme – If you are contemplating coloring the kitchen, then you can go with one color can be used to paint the kitchen walls, cabinets and counters with the same color. If this color is white then all the more you are in luck as white will reflect more light and make it look elegant. The trick is same color will limit the eye of visual boundaries. This is why you need to paint everything in the same hue ideally speaking. You can also opt for black, navy, chocolate and charcoal as some of the other popular alternatives.
  • Petite furnishings – Again choose your furnishing carefully and go for slender tools, tables and chairs. You can also try your hands at space saving furniture as you can use them multiple ways. You can keep them folded and stashed under the counter when not in need. Most of the space saving furniture would give you the freedom to use the space for other purposes as well. Space saving furniture does not take up a lot of space and they allow you to walk freely when you don’t need them.
  • Open shelves – This is another tip that comes handy for almost every kitchen. Keep the shelves open and store things in a way that have the most needed items in the front. This will help you with creating the spacious look as well as systematize your items in a controlled way. What more can you ask for?
  • Clutter – As we have already mentioned that you need remove all the clutter form your kitchen hold true for everything. The less cluttered your kitchen will be, the more space will it will have. The better chances of you getting to use the empty spaces. Keep your kitchen clean, decluttered and tidy for good. This will radiate on the outside and rest assured you will know that you have done things right.

It is true that you can create an illusion and transform your kitchen into a smart looking one. You see the point is, getting an answer to how to make your small kitchen look spacious and bigger is not that difficult. However the difficulty lies in implementing these few changes. We would like to take little liberty by asking you to trust us and start making these small changes as per your convenience to witness the magic at once!

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10 Tips On How To Make Your Small Kitchen Look Spacious And Bigger
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