6 Top Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas Within Budget

Living in rental apartments and houses brings you a problem with many others that of plain looking kitchens. In fact most kitchens are not even up to the mark and you may have to put with because of the agreeable rent. Rental kitchens are not going to pose you anymore threats because we have sorted out simple ways of this misery. We have fabricated a list of 6 Top rental kitchen makeover ideas within budget that can prove to be immense help for renters all across.

6 rental kitchen makeover ideas

The key here is to focus on two things, one is the makeover part and the other is the budget that is required for this makeover. Being pragmatic can be helpful in this case as it is just a rental kitchen that you may be leaving behind as soon as the contract gets over. So invest in things that can be reused in other rental apartments, i.e. be wise and spend as little as possible. Here are a few ideas that can be done within a budget or may be with some spare items:

  • Ugly cabinets – This is a major problem with most rentals because rentals are made to suit people in general. They not anywhere close to fancy and look hideous. In a nutshell, it does not resemble that Pinterest kitchen cabinet you have been ogling at for so long. Nonetheless, the rental is reality against the virtual Pinterest kitchen. One way out of this menace would be to take permission from the landlord to paint it. The other way is to use backsplash which is far more inexpensive and temporal. You can use wallpaper, fabric or washi tape to redo the walls surrounding of the cabinet. Sounds good?
  • Unpleasant floor – This is a typical predicament of a rental kitchen and it has to be dealt with acumen. Trust us, this is no brainer but you need to have that eye to solve this quandary at least. Well you can simply cover it with a rug that matches or is in contrast with the color of the walls. In fact, putting up a bright rug can brighten the kitchen and your mood as well. May be you can think about buying a good looking carpet that can jazz up the backdrop. Yes, but remember to vacuum regularly if you do so as this will keep your kitchen neat and hygienic both at the same time. What say?
  • Poor lighting – Talking about brightening up the kitchen brings us to this discussion that most rental properties are not well lit. It becomes your prerogative to light up the house, what makes the kitchen any different. Keeping your kitchen well lit is a way to trap positive energy which reflects cordiality of the inmates. Put up bright lights, may be use a kitchen lamp or two to add to the décor as well. Point is keep it well lit and you will notice all the difference. This is the biggest makeover for any kitchen and it holds true that proper lighting can cleanse the aura.
  • Repulsive countertops – If the cheap laminated countertops are making you cringe, then you need to give it a serious thought. The only way that seems right is to install a new, but since it is a rental you can’t do all that for sure. Then what comes next is the idea to get one large or may be two pretty trays all the time on the countertop to hide the repugnance. Another idea can be to get a large cutting board or two to do the same. This way you can use the countertop for chopping and cutting at your convenience too.
  • Wonky drawers – Now this is another dreaded glitch that gives you nightmares, wonky drawers. They are equally bad as no drawers but once you have snag, you need to resolve it for sure. As a solution you can opt for good looking utensil holders that can store spatulas, ladles, whisks and as for the flatware you can beautiful use vase to do the honors. What more can you expect out of this is a well organized kitchen that looks good. As for the drawers, you can keep less used items in them. Use them judiciously because you need to make use of every space in the kitchen otherwise storage may pose to be a big threat. No point putting up a fight against them in your kitchen and it is more like if you can’t beat them, join them.
  • Plants and flowers – One way to add some life to your kitchen would be to keep a plant in your kitchen. Be it cactus or ivy, you are free to make that choice, make sure that you keep a plant to add to the décor. Moreover, keeping a bunch of flowers in the kitchen can also help in adding zing to your kitchen. This way your kitchen will smell and look good. Plants can do wonders to any setting and a kitchen is no different. Flowers can cheer up the ambiance and there are o doubts about it. So, let your family enjoy a hearty meal time in this setting and this adds some delight to your cooking too. Why not give it a try?


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This list of Top rental kitchen makeover ideas at an affordable cost can give you an idea to organize and rearrange the kitchen according to your taste. What it can’t inject into you is that it is your home, rented or owned and you should make it yours. Keep it the way you want it to be amidst all the limitations. The idea is make a home and not mansion. A mansion becomes only a piece of architecture if no one lives in it. On the other hand, a small apartment can exude a lot of positive energy because of the warmth that you share with your family. Think about it.

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6 Top Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas Within Budget
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