How to find the Best Adhesive Remover?

Are you tired of the adhesive that stick to your belongings after removing a sticker? Do you recall that vase, you removed the price tag and the gum took like years to be scrapped off? It is very difficult to understand, why some stickers peel off easily but other don’t. You may have tried it all from oil, alcohol to rubbing alcohol (which happens to be the best so far) for removing this gunk.

Thankfully, you don’t have to use that much of an elbow grease nowadays, because you have products like an adhesive remover in place. You may be thinking what is an adhesive remover? In simple words, it is chemical solvent that can react with glue and remove the stickiness at once. This means you can get rid of tape, decals, stickers and glue without much of a difficulty.

Gone are the days when you would sit for hours to remove stubborn glue residues. This is why we have put up this post about the best adhesive remover. We wanted you to know everything about adhesive removers and their effectiveness. We would recommend you to read the whole post till the end to get a hang of things.

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How to choose Best Adhesive Remover?

The biggest imperative while choosing an adhesive remover is to identify, what surface will you be using it on and also what kind of gunk you it to remove. It could be grease, candle wax, crayons, tree sap, tar, makeup, shoe polish or glue. You need to find out what is that you need this remover for.

We are saying all this, because we want you to invest in a good product and then use it for good. A good adhesive remover can make things easy for you and here are a few pointers that can help you choose one:

Surface – Yes, decide what surface you want to use this remover on as that can be used as a point of reference. You may want to clean your old wooden furniture, may like to use it on stone, cars, carpet, vinyl, glass, upholstery, clothes, sheets, walls (painted) or plastic. You get that many options and need to select the right product to get the best results.

Price – You need to have a budget while buying a product and this is no exception to this. Buying an adhesive remover should be done within a budget and that will help you to narrow down your search.

While buying a glue remover, make sure that you know what surface you want it to use on as this will help you decide arrive at price range. This in turn will help you short an array of specific products that you may choose from.

Choose among the types – There are three type of products to choose from and they are:

  • Soy based – Is made from 60% soy bean oil and 40% water that make it safe. Not to mention, that this is a natural product and is 100% eco-friendly. You need to get a hand on with this kind of remover and once you do, you will notice things to be super easy for you.
  • Citrus based – The concoction of such products is based on extracts of 80% citrus fruits and 20% water. So, this undoubtedly makes it environment friendly. They are good for small projects because they come as sprays and pastes.
  • Solvent based – In general, the solvent based adhesives comprise of Xylene, Ethylbenzene, VM and P Naptha, and the other components like benzene and toluene. They are clearly highly inflammable and evaporate very quickly. This is why you should store them in a cool and dark corner for safety.

​Top 3 Best Adhesive Remover 2017 Reviews

Below is a curated list of the Best Adhesive Remover that will serve as a starting point for you.

1. Goo Gone Surface Safe Adhesive Remover, 8 oz

Goo is one of the most popular adhesive removers in the US and it has been delivering ever since inception. It can remove tar, gum, crayons, tape, candle wax, shoe polish and other such sticky stains. Goo works best on ceramic, finished wood, metal, glass, countertops, tile, car, upholstery, carpet and laminate to name some of the surfaces.

It is very easy to use this product on a sticky surface and the most important fact is that it keeps the surface safe. It does not damage the surface as its citrus powder formula is strong enough to take on the sturdiest of gummy stains.

One thing that we would like to add here is never use Goo on silk, suede, leather or rubber. Keep it out of reach of children and pets for good.


  • Is regarded as a blessing for parents, teachers, collectors and thriftier
  • Can remove stickers from wine gifts, old video games, glasses and clothing
  • Leaves a citrus smell after use


  • Whereas, it works like a charm for most users, some have not found it to be of any good. The point is we are not told what surfaces did these customers use Goo on and most importantly how did they use it. If they have read all the user guidelines and followed them then they would have been able to tell us exactly what wrong in details. Since, they don’t we assume that they did not use it properly which certainly does not bring down the quality of this product.

2. Uni-Solve Adhesive Remover 8 Ounce Bottle

This is a unique adhesive that is primarily used to minimize redness and trauma. Mostly used for medical purposes, the Uni-Solve is a great product to rely on. It can remove adhesive from tapes, skin, films and appliances. It smells good with a pleasing aloevera scent.

It most definitely does not contain any harmful chemicals and can remove rubber based, hydrocolloid-based and acrylic-based adhesive from the skin. This makes it a safe adhesive remover of all time and rest assured it is good for the skin too.


  • It is safe and is not harsh
  • Safe enough to be applied on skin
  • The packaging is very convenient that ensures less wastage
  • Environmentally safe as it is free of CFC which is why it is on our Best Adhesive Remover list
  • A little squeeze makes the fluid flow between the skin and an adhesive
  • Can be applied easily and helps reduce pain
  • Reasonably priced product


  • Some people have found it to be too heavy and they claim that it is similar to motor oil. In that case, they advise people not to wind it around as it may be difficult to do away with. However, they do not clarify what surface have they used it on to deduce this conclusion. This makes their findings to be incomplete and we on the other hand can tell you that this is one of the best adhesive removers in the market.

3. Un-Du Adhesive Remover-4oz

Un-Du is a super glue remover and it needs no introduction in the world of scrapbooking. Most users have found it to be a miracle product and have mentioned it to be indispensable part of their lives. Some even go to extent of saying that they cannot think of scrapbooking without it.

So, you can verily understand the popularity of this product and that we have not included it in this post randomly. We curate products with lot of research, thoughts and after hours of discussions. Don’t be misguided with drip nozzle as it performs better than a sponge nozzle in some other brands.

Again, Un-Du evaporates very quickly and is free of acid that makes it safe to use.


  • It is safe for photos
  • Does not contain acid
  • Can evaporate completely without leaving any traces
  • It works on any surface and that certainly includes wood
  • It has low VOC emission and has been allowed in California as well
  • It dries up real quick, that saves you a lot of time for sure


  • A few have found the applicator to be difficult to use and it could be true for first timers. Nonetheless, you get hang of it as you use more and more of it. Then you could be using it like a pro. Okay, there could be a learning curve for beginners but experts can get used it to within minutes.


We have put up our earnest endeavor here in this post with a few product details. Moreover, the products we have reviewed are the best adhesive remover and simply best in the class. What is keeping you still thinking?

We have added the reviews because we wanted you to know more about these products in details. Removing grease, tar, oil, dirt and tar from clothes, upholstery or furniture is no more a nightmare now. You can remove all that in a jiffy and get going because you will not be wasting hours into cleaning.

What makes this different is it has a fun quotient to cleaning the glue so quickly. Now, you can simply invest in a quality adhesive remover and leave the rest to it.

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