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Are you worried about your soiled car? Wondering how to remove the dirt without scratching the car? Did you ever think of a car wash brush for this? Chances are high that you have and this is why you are reading this.

Do not worry as you have reached the right place to collect all the information about the best car wash brush and more.

We have provided all the necessary information that can be of help to you for buying car wash brush on your own. Not only this, we have even reviewed three of the best products for you. You can take cue from them or consider them for cleaning your car.

Everyone likes a sparkling car and you are no exception to it. We hardly get time to clean the car and most people avoid doing so because they do not the right tools.

This is why we have come up with a unique post that will help you further with this predicament.

Yes, but we appreciate the fact that you have taken this initiative of looking for the right products for maintaining your car. Read on to know more.

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How to choose the Best Car Wash Brush?


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Let us be honest, there is no single answer to this. This is no math and rest assured, you would know that there could not be one way to choose the car wash brush of your dreams.

Although, we have worked on some ideas and found that it works in this case at least. Here is a comprehensive overview of how to choose the best car wash brush within a short span of time.

Brand – This is something that we do not have to explain much. We all believe in brand power and there are no doubts that you would go for a name brand over a lesser-known company when choosing anything.

This is no different; treat it the same way as many a time going for a brand can be the only solution.

Functionality – Yes, you should look for specific features like telescopic suspension and swivel facilities while selecting a car wash brush. These make cleaning simple and with the right tools, you will not feel it to be a daunting task anymore. Look for these traits, as these will make sure that you have a good brush in place.

Comfort – Make sure that the brush you are ordering or buying is comfortable to grip. It should have a long handle, may be an adjustable one to reach crevices and nooks with ease. It should not wear down on your back or arms while working.


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Practicality – Be practical while buying a car wash brush and that means you should buy it sensibly. Buy a cleaner that fits your budget, suits your requirements and does not take a toll on your health. Be pragmatic and do not invest in anything fancy that you may not use in future. Stick to basics and choose something uncomplicated.

Price – Taking cue from the abovementioned topic, we would ask you to fix a budget for you. This will help you short list a few and there on it will be easy to select one.

There is no need to invest in expensive brushes, as most people do not want them to get dirty! This makes no sense at all. You can avoid falling prey to the shiny object in the least.

Remember, these are just the basic rules, you can find your ways of selecting them too. We thought of giving you a thumbs-up, so that you can start looking for one right away. You may read the next section carefully if you want to know about a few products.

Top 3 Best Car Wash Brush 2017 Reviews

We have curated a list of the best car wash brush that will help you decide for yourself.

1. Carrand 93053 Dip-n-Wash Vehicle Wash Brush, 8" Head with 48" Handle

Carrand is 35 years old and is popular for its innovative engineering of consumer products mainly in the auto and home cleaning niche. Their vision and engineering was way ahead of its time.

Getting back to our discussion, if you are in quest of a simple but durable wash brush, the Carrand 93053 this has to be it. This is an opportune car wash brush with long handles and soft bumper guard.

We will talk about all that in details in a while. As for now, just keep in mind, this to be an affordable brush that you can ever lay your hands on.


  • Light in weight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • The soft bumper ensures that you do not strike the vehicle while cleaning it
  • The long handle makes sure that you clean hard to reach spots quite efficiently
  • The handle is coated with powder
  • Hard-wearing and can last longer
  • Good for taking care of SUVs, cars, trucks and many more
  • Can clean body, grills, tires and wheels


  • We are not clear for some users have marked it down based on the color in display. They received a different color and took this opportunity to express dissatisfaction about their experience. In fact, these customers never tell us much about their feeling for the brush. We deduce that the product is good to go and you can take your pick at this.

2. Carrand 93072 Flow-Thru 10" Quad Brush with 71" Aluminum Extension Handle

A company called Carrand, was founded in 1982 and ever since then, it has been manufacturing home and car cleaning supplies.

This name now is associated with advanced technology, functionality and quality. The present product Carrand 93072 is no different to this.

This brush is the right size, can be used at various angles and the telescopic pole makes cleaning a breeze. The swivel hose can control water while cleaning that makes it a perfect choice for RVs, cars, trucks and SUVs.

Want to know more about it, feel free to read the rest of this discussion.


  • All sided brush makes cleaning an effortless task
  • The aluminum pole ensures your product remains rust free
  • The Flow-Thru extension controls water resourcefully
  • The telescopic extension pole can extend to 71 inches
  • The swivel head makes cleaning trouble-free
  • This happens to be the best car wash brush because of its large bristles that clean appropriately


  • We request our readers to read the manufacturer’s guidelines and then start using this car wash brush. A few users have complained about the pole stating that it does not work according to their need. We advise you that you get a hang of things first and then start using it. However, these users do not tell us much about the quality, which is why we presume that this is a good product and they did not have anything against it as such.

3. Carrand 93111 Car Quad 10" Brush Head

A 35 years old company is matured enough to take responsibility and knows how to be inventive. Carrand’s groundbreaking technology and advanced designs have earned it a name.

It has produced many car and home cleaning products that have proven to be great help. In same way, the Carrand 93111 Car Quad that happens to a brush head has also stood the test of time.

This brush head can wash your car faster and can remove deposits, caulk, suds and much more. The bristles are soft and they do not leave any stains behind neither do they scratch your car. All this certainly makes it a favorite of many.


  • This is a 10 inch brush head
  • It can take on the dirtiest of challenges
  • It has bristles on all sides and that makes quick cleaning probable
  • The bristles are super soft and they do not scratch on the paint
  • No swirls with this brush
  • Can fit into standards brooms
  • Can be used as a dip or a Flow Thru brush
  • Does not fall off the head because it has screws in the right places


  • You cannot make everyone happy and this is a living example of that. Some people have found the brush to be soft but not hard enough to scrub off the dirt. Now, that seems confusing and we would like you to trust the brand name and go ahead.


We must mention that buying the best car wash brush may not be that difficult. All you need is little patience to learn about the different kinds and focus on the one you need. We would request our readers to follow the fundamentals we have laid down in this post. This will aid them locating a brush that is not only convenient but also sturdy.

It must serve the purpose and above all should be comfortable to use. Maintaining your car will only ensure that you drive a fresh and neat car every day. Who knows you may become the talk of the town because of your efforts! If your car is your pride, then you should wear like one. Go ahead and get the car wash brush.

Never Heard Info About The Best Car Wash Brush
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