How to Choose the Best Dishwashing Liquids?

In simple words a dishwashing liquid is a detergent that is used to clean dishes, plates and cutlery in general. This kind of a liquid has lesser irritants that go gentle on the skin (hands) and are designed to wash cooking utensils only. It originated in Germany during the World War I, later America started manufacturing these by 1930’s to 1940’s and they have become a major requirement in every household these days.

These liquids comprise of surfactants that help them remove the grease and other stubborn food particles from utensils. Eating is an important part of our lives and we have to ensure that the plates are clean that eat from. Hence the need for getting best dishwashing liquid for your house is a must.

If you too are looking for something similar then you must be delighted to know that we got you covered for this. We have reviewed the top 3 products and in fact they are the bestselling dishwashing liquids that you can choose from.

There is no need to go helter-skelter for a dishwashing liquid if you do not know where to start from. We have sifted the products and got the best ones that really deliver what they promise. Let us have a look at them.

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How to Choose Best Dishwashing Liquid?

We agree cleaning your dishes require some elbow grease and choosing the right dishwashing liquid can be a challenge to find. However, if you follow our set of simple instructions, then you will notice that you are not far away from reaching the best one for your kitchen.

Yes, but make sure that the one you invest in is a reliable one and has a brand name associated with it. This in turn will make certain that your cleaning agent is certified by the authorities at least. Here is a rundown of the fact that should keep in mind while buying a dishwashing liquid.

Budget – The first thing that you can decide on is the price of your dishwashing liquid. This means you need to stick to a range that will help you find the best one for you. Once you get this, you can then sort out a few products within that category. That makes it easy for you while segregating the products for you.

Environment friendly – This suggests that you should read the fine print and then decide if a product is safe for use at home or not. You may have pets or baby at home and you will not like to play with their health. That means your job is to find out a dishwashing liquid which is septic safe and free harsh chemicals. When flushed down the sink, it must not contaminate the septic tank or the sewer.

Certification – Proper certification is a must and we would request our readers to look for the certifications by governing bodies. You may find USDA, EWG, FDA, Leaping Bunny or PETA certifications or more that would substantiate that a product is free of animal cruelty and is safe for home usage as well.

Natural ingredients – Another thing that you can deduce from the above discussion is that of trusting products that have natural components. It could green tea, lime zest, orange and plant extracts but if a product has natural compounds, then go for it.

Recycled packaging – If you have taken up a pledge to save the environment, then why shy away from this? This is another aspect that should not slip your mind as this can assure that the containers are in compliance with your local garbage extractor.

Remember, investing in the wrong ones can be a blunder because tableware will lose its luster if you use inferior quality detergents to clean them. Then you can keep blaming the water and cleaner, but it will be your loss. If you don’t want to fall prey to it, then consider getting a dishwashing liquid worth its value.

Top 3 Best Dishwashing Liquid 2017 Reviews

We have culminated an assortment of the Best Dishwashing Liquid that you can rely on.

1. Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap, Original Scent, 2 count, 56 oz

“Bring it on” says Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap that can cut through the sturdiest of grease. This is a blessing for modern day cooking and has been developed to clean the dirtiest of the dishes. Only a drop of this liquid is more than enough to remove an overnight stain.

Moreover, Dawn asks its customers not to go “scrub crazy” as you can immerse your plates, cups and glasses for 3 minutes to witness the change. It can take care of aluminum, ceramic, nonstick and even crystal. Yes, you will be glad to know that now you can clean your clean off that cloudy crystal with warm water and the Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap.

It can take care of the hard water spots from pitchers and vases. This means with this wonder dishwashing liquid, you will have no woes to take care of your cleaning.


  • It is a highly concentrated liquid
  • Can clean 3X more of grease
  • Needs less scrubbing and this is it has been listed here as the best dishwashing liquid


  • A few users have found the liquid to be little thin, but still it manages to clean your dishes well. Doesn’t it? That is what the user did not clarify, so that means it is something very personal and you can say that cry-babies will always cry.
  • A handful others have found this to be expensive. You can always go for cheaper ones, but they will not assure of the components for sure.

2. Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid, Clementine Zest & Lemongrass Scent, 25-Fluid Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)

This is plant based cleaning agent can take care of your dishes, cups, silverware, baby bottles, toys, blenders and breast pumps to name a few. So, if you were worrying about the oily deposit on any of these, then you are in luck because the Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid is here to take away all your woes.

It is a convenient cleaner that you can use to clean every bit in your kitchen. It is tough on the stains but gentle in approach. Let us find more about this natural premium grease cutting dishwashing liquid.


  • Non-toxic and is made from plant extracts
  • Its ingredients are certified by USDA
  • That makes it biodegradable and septic tank safe
  • It has been clinically proven to hypoallergenic
  • It is free of synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes
  • Comes in recyclable bottles


  • A few have complained that it leaves behind suds and if that were true, then so many of people wouldn’t be buying this natural dishwashing liquid. Again, some would say that it does not cut through grease, but if it does not then why do we see so many satisfied users. The problem lies in not knowing how to use a concentrated dishwashing liquid. That does not bring down quality of this cleaner in the least. Overall, it is considered to be good for human health and pets as well.

3. Puracy Natural Liquid Dish Soap, Sulfate-Free Dishwashing Detergent, Green Tea and Lime, 16 Ounce Bottle, (Pack of 3)

This sulfate free dishwashing liquid is a marvel product that can clean without the need of a pair of gloves. The green tea and lime extracts in this cleaning agent make it a popular choice of many. The concentrated liquid can clean stubborn stains off ceramic, rubber, plastic, metals, patio furniture and jewelry.

At the same time it is gentle and can be used to wash baby cups, bottles, toys and breast pumps. It is unique mix of natural ingredients that are septic safe and can even reduce the use of water for cleaning. It can be deduced that this biodegradable cleaner is safe for the environment too.


  • Has been certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny
  • Is gluten free and hypoallergenic
  • 100% made in the US
  • Convenient bottling for home use


  • Some users complain that this dries their hands, but if you notice this to be a concentrated liquid, you must be told that you need to mix water with it. Other than it cannot go wrong which may be a reason why not too many complain about this. We are sure they have found the right way to work with it. Hands may go dry because of so many factors and the weather they live is one more reason. This implies, this liquid is not to be blamed singly for fried fingers.


As a matter of fact, we would like you to adhere to the basic principles of selecting the best dishwashing liquid. You need to ensure that your family is kept protected from germs of all kinds and of course, chemicals too. So, make sure that you choose a dishwasher that has no harmful chemicals in it. At the same time a liquid should able to cut through grease and provide you with the best cleaning experience.

We know balancing the two ideas sometimes seems to be difficult but you have to reach your goals as the health of your loved ones is at stake here. We urge you to be more vigilant and you can start with the name that we have suggested for now.

How to Choose the Best Dishwashing Liquids?
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