How To Find The Best Disinfectant?

You may have a nice and cozy home. Okay you may even have decorated it well; but the most important thing here is to keep your house sanitized. If you have kids in the house, this amplifies. You keep your house neat and tidy; then you should keep your family protected in the best possible ways.

Yes, you heard it right, protected and that means you need to keep your house germ free. This is an imperative and you should not neglect by any cost. We know the health of your family is vital to you and you should not leave any stones unturned to make sure that they are safe.

For this, you need the best disinfectant for sure, as authentic products can actually keep your house disinfected. The essence of our discussion can be found imbedded in this very thought.

We want you to rear a healthy family that will contribute to our great culture in a beneficial way. A healthy family is a happy family and we know that for this you need to acquire proper disinfectants and sanitizers.

In fact, we felt it right to collaborate a list of some of the popular disinfectants in this post to help you further. Read this post until the end and see how things work.

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How to choose Best Disinfectant?

The first thing that we need you to understand is what is a disinfectant? A disinfectant is an antimicrobial application that can kill harmful microbes like bacteria, virus and fungi. This means you can live in peace of your mind as it protects your house and your family all through.

It kills germs and microorganisms that may play havoc on your skin, respiratory system or eyes. They can significantly decrease the amount of hazardous microbes in a safe way. This process is not as complicated as a chemical sanitization is and you can use it on an everyday basis.

If you are still confused, then we have a plan to ensure you of selecting an appropriate disinfectant for your home.​

Brand name – Come what may, if you stick to better-known brands, you know you have got a deal. Brands know how to concoct their solutions that will provide you the protection. Additionally, brands are safer over the fortnightly companies that come and go. Those products may not be suitable for your skin and eyes. In a word, brands are a safe bet for anyone who wants to buy a cleaning product.

Non-toxic – A quality disinfectant will never contain harmful chemicals like sulfates, phosphates or anything that works as an irritant. This suggests, you must read the components of a disinfectant as all manufacturers are bound to disclose them. Read the fine print (no pun intended) and then take a call.

Natural – It is highly advisable that you go for products that contain natural ingredients. This will make sure that the product is safe and will not be a menace while cleaning or disinfecting your house. In addition to this, the natural fragrance can cheer you up.

Price – Fixing a budget for your disinfectant can help you sort them into a category. This is a good practice, as you need a budget to weed out the unwanted ones from your list.

Environment friendly – This is a necessity these days and you must make certain that you are using something that literally, goes down well. You need eco-friendly products because that can keep the environment protected.

Certification – It needs special mention that you should go for products that are marked with EPA, EWG, FDA or NSF. These markings show that the product is environmentally safe and you need to worry while buying them.

Follow these practices as these can help you reach the ultimate disinfectant.

Top 3 Best Disinfectant 2017 Reviews

Here is a list of the Best Disinfectant that you can take as a reference and then decide for yourself.

1. Spray Nine 26832 Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser and Disinfectant, 32 oz

This is an all-purpose cleaner that works like a degreaser, disinfectant and mold remover. In short, it can remove stains, mildew and deodorize your surroundings. If you have someone sensitive to bacteria and germs, then you would need the Spray Nine 26832 Heavy Duty Cleaner to take care of them.

It is easy to use and can kill bacteria within 45 seconds of being sprayed. Additionally, it can clean showers, sinks, ceilings, walls, stainless steel, rubber, vinyl, tires, concrete and plastic to name a few. To cut a long story short, this spray is a heavy-duty disinfectant that can be used for industrial, automotive, office and home efficiently.


  • Is a professional cleaner and top level disinfectant
  • Can do a lot from degreasing, removing stains to deodorizing
  • It can kill Swine flu, influenza, Hepatitis B and C viruses and Salmonella Staphylococcus as well as E. coli
  • Can kill 99.9% germs
  • Starts working within 10 second by killing germs
  • Can kill viruses in 30 seconds
  • Kills bacteria within 45 seconds
  • It VOC complaint in 50 states of the US
  • Has been around for more than 60 years
  • Is certified by EPA and NSF


  • A few have complained about this product not working on glass. That apart, you can use it on anything that the manufacturer recommends.
  • Some users have found it to be less effective on soap scum, but if you follow the instructions then you can accomplish this as well.

2. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Value Pack, Fresh Scent and Citrus Blend, 225 Count

Clorox is a famous brand in the US and there is not much to talk about it because of this. Everyone knows it and these Clorox wipes are a new way to sanitize your house. It can take care of germs, bacteria like Staph, Strep, Salmonella, MRSA and E. coli.

It can remove flu and cold viruses, Influenza A2 Virus and Human Corona virus too. In addition to all this, you can use Clorox wipes to clean grime, dirt, grease soap scum and many more. You can sterilize toys, blinds, tables and even handrails. Overall, it is an ideal cleaner to use all through the house.


  • It can be used to clean, sanitize and deodorize
  • These wipes can kill 99.9% germs
  • Can remove 99% allergens, pollens and dust mites
  • Can clean hardwood, stainless steel, walls, plastic, granite and even glass


  • Some people have witness redness of skin on using these wipes. Can you believe that? This is why we ask our readers to buy it from authentic merchants only as that will ensure that you get genuine products.
  • A few users have complained about the packaging of the box that needs to be smaller for convenience. Convenience is very subjective and just marking down a product on such flimsy grounds is not fair. That said, we must add that these wipes are not a problem at all.

3. Formula 409 All Purpose Cleaner Spray Bottle, Lemon, 22 Fluid Ounces

Seems like, this has been designed with great care as it can do a lot in comparison to other cleaners in this range. It is a multipurpose cleaner that can cut through grease, remove stains and deodorize all at the same time.

You can use this versatile cleaner for various purposes. You must make a note that it can kill 99.9% of germs and it can take on mold as well as mildew.

Moreover, it uses something called Smart Tube technology that saves you from wasting anything. It can clean non-porous and hard surfaces in the best ways. One thing we agree is that Formula 409keeps away sickness from you and protects you.


  • Can handle dirt, grease and grime with ease
  • Deodorizes your surroundings with a lemony scent
  • Spray bottle is easy to handle
  • It cleans with 40% more each spray
  • Can clean countertops, sinks, microwaves and stovetops
  • Can be used efficiently for indoor as well as outdoor cleaning


  • To our surprise, some users have found this citrus scented disinfectant to be strong. It does not contain any harsh chemicals that can cause you with health hazards and still people complain about it. May be they need more exposure and should check on the foul smelling and eye burning products, as that will help them to distinguish between the two.


Most importantly, disinfectants can get rid of odors, stains and other annoying problems that may pose a threat to your family.

Disinfectants are good for your pets as well, because it keeps them safe too. Investing in the right of kind of products can mean a lot in this case. This is why; we have composed this post about the best disinfectant that will keep you abreast with everything about keeping your house germ free. Just follow the basics that we have discussed and you could be cruising through it.

After all, we know that the health and safety of your family are a priority to you. Undoubtedly, with all the allergens and pollutants, these days around you, you cannot take a risk of not putting your trust into a disinfectant.

How To Find The Best Disinfectant?
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