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Cars are the things of daily use today. People need to move far and close on a daily basis for the course of lives. The more time you spend with your car, the dirtier it would be due to usage. The mess inside it when collect too much, could be very dangerous to health and uncomfortable for us. Germs, dust, soil particles, pet hairs and other types of debris collectively form a lot of mess inside the car. Hand held car vacuum have been invented for the comfort and ease of cleaning required. Best handheld vacuum for car are available in the market, which are affordable and time saver, more over they give extraordinary efficiency and the latest technology for cleaning your car.


1. Black + Decker chv1410l

This small handheld vacuum is very high tech product of Black and Decker. It has charge retaining ability of near about 18 months. Its battery life is long due to the use of lithium ion technology in it. It saves near about 50% energy while operating. This handheld vacuum has cyclonic action working for the long life of its filter.

Easy to remove the dirt bowl and empty it. It is without wall mounted charging and comes very affordable price range.

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2. Dewalt dcv581h

This rectangular shape handheld vacuum is a smart product for the quick car cleaning. Wide and narrow nozzles in the tools makes it more helpful in working over a wide range of surfaces. It comes with 18v and 20v batteries. One very good thing about this best handheld vacuum for the car, is this, it makes very little noise as compared to other vacuums. You can use is with cord and without cord, in both modes it works well.

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This powerful vacuum gives you 8 plus minutes of powerful vacuum cleaner, which is enough for the most of the primitive cleaning tasks. It is originally designed for handheld working and cleaning of cars. Its appropriate design makes it one of the best handheld vacuum for the car. You can take it with you, in case you are traveling far away, for quick cleaning of your car, whenever required.

​It is now very expensive, and very efficient in cleaning purpose.

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  • They give you quick vacuum performance, whenever and wherever required.
  • Best handheld vacuum for cars are quite easy to access, you can use them at any time without any prior preparation.
  • They are portable devices, so taking them along with you is not a big deal, simply pack them and put them in your car, whenever you decide to travel.
  • They are designed for high technology, for best performance and desirable results.
  • They come with a set of tools, you can use the nozzle of the required shape, depending on the type of surface area and you want to clean with it.
  • You can charge them and some of the best handheld vacuum for car has the capacity of retaining charge for long duration.
  • After using you can remove the dirt, from the easily separable dust bowl and also you can wash and clean the filters for best performance afterwards.

Work well in small areas

These handheld car vacuums work well in small areas, where it is quite difficult to use the large and corded vacuums. You can clean the narrow and congested places with the wide and narrow nozzles comes along with these handheld vacuums. The hair of pets, dust, soil and sand particles, debris and other sort of dirt could be removed within minutes.

Portable and easy access

Due to their easy portability and ease of access they are wonderful products for cleaning purposes. Technology makes the sizes small and efficiency to increase. They work in minutes without wasting your precious time.

Convenience in using small handheld vacuum as compared to big one

Instead of moving, assembling, using cords and electrical connections of big upright vacuums, these small handheld vacuums seems like magic for the users. Now there is no need to take big clumsy vacuums and try to clean out your cars with them on selected locations. You can even use them anywhere, and with the great comfort ability, whenever required.


The user manual comes along the handheld car vacuum, but if you take into consideration these small but very useful informational tips, your work will be much easier and you can also save your time. Moreover the outcomes and the cleaning results will be awesome.

  • Why cordless vacuum cleaners? -  They are usually smaller in size and you have to charge them before using. But the results are very appreciated able in a few minutes, with the use of latest technologies, they performed well.
  • Suction power: When you are using handheld car vacuum for cleaning your car, you can take into consideration, their suction power. The more powerful battery, the powerful will be the suction and more efficient vacuum cleaning. The best handheld vacuum for car we have mentioned above, comes with high suction power and long battery life. So there will be no hurdle in their vacuum cleaning due to battery life sort of problems.
  • Long battery life of handheld vacuum: The continuous and smooth suction will be observed, if the battery life of vacuum is long lasting. These above mentioned vacuum, have long battery life, enough to perform most of the vacuum task.


Better performance is the outcome of different factors collectively. It includes,

  • Powerful suction
  • Long battery life
  • Suitable nozzles and tools
  • Cyclonic tech for filter
  • Easily manageable dirt bowl
  • Long life filters
  • Power saving performance
  • Easily chargeable
  • Portability
  • Easy to access

If the handheld car vacuum provided you most of the above mentions desirable properties, then you can achieve the best performance with them. The three best handheld car vacuum we have mentioned here, comes along all of these properties, and therefore they are at the hit list of our users.

  • Locations where you can use these handheld car vacuums: Cars of different designs and sizes, depending on their models. Before purchasing the vacuum, take into considerations your requirements with it, your car model and the surfaces you will have to clean with it. If you have kids and toddlers along with you, then your car will demand more frequent vacuum cleaning, due to the food particles and liquid drops and other kid’s sort of stuff in the car.
  • On the car seats: These handheld vacuums can clean the leather of your car seats and remove even the last particle of dust and debris from them. Use the wide faced nozzle for collecting all the scattered things on the seats, on the vacuum and clean the seat.
  • Foot mats and carpets: Foot mats and car carpets prove to be the most time take the task of cleaning purposes. You have to start from above and then gradually move down, as dust moves from top side to bottom side.
  • Congested place and upholstery of car: The area behind the car seats, is very dusty due to dust comes along with the shoes. You have to clean this area very carefully, form hygiene point of view. The bacteria and germs could grow in the shadowed dark places. Put up narrow nozzle and vacuum these areas very carefully.


These handheld car vacuums are very easy to use and store.

  • Remove the dirt bowl from the vacuum, clean out it by empty it directly in the bin. You can also wash them if required, let them dry and move back to the vacuum.
  • Every time you use the vacuum, you have to clean them, so the bacteria could not grow in them and they will never smell bad.
  • The pet hairs should be removed carefully, as they could cause allergies and other skin problems. Make sure you have to clean your vacuum well after using it.


People want to know about the suction power of such a small size vacuum

Are they reliable?

Changeable filters


Purchase the vacuum who meets all of your car cleaning demands, depending on your climate, family members, kids, area to travel and most of them the model of your car.

These best handheld car vacuums prove to be a luxury for your car, when it comes to the cleaning purposes. You can do it by yourself within small time and less power consumption.​

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Best Handheld Vacuum For Car
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