How To Buy The Best Microfiber Mop?

If you are worried about the ever growing pollution and want to protect your house from the harmful pollutants, then you have reached the right place for a solution. We believe that using a microfiber cloth for cleaning your house. These cloths can not only clean any surface with precision but also can prevent the growth microbes and also reduce chances of contamination by pathogenic microbes. That said, these days you can find a lot of microfiber mops available in the market which makes buying the best microfiber mop confusing. However following the right procedures can lead you to the perfect mop that can last you for years without much of a difficulty.

What Is A Microfiber Mop?

In simple terms microfiber is a blend of nylon and polyester that is woven into a fiber. This fiber is usually 1.0 denier and sometimes may be even smaller than this, for example the finest could be like 0.13 denier by thickness. It is a finer fiber that is split several times to make thinner than human hair. This quality helps this cloth to attract dust, dirt and grime to the maximum. Just check the grade of the cloth before buying or ask the vendor about it if it is not specified at all.

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Benefits A Microfiber Mop

There are numerous benefits of using a microfiber mop and you can take cleaning hygienically as your starting point. Yes, but while using a mop you need to do one thing diligently that to sweep the floor before you scrub the area with water. This is a must follow rule as you can avoid scratching of the floor as well as remove unwanted debris like hair, dust and grime which would otherwise stick to the floor. Besides this there are more advantages of using microfiber over the old rag like:

  • Sustainable - The very fact that a microfiber mop is manual and does not use electricity should be more than enough to give it a consideration. You can save on your utility bills as well as the environment. In a way, this should be counted as its biggest benefit.
  • Less water usage - This kind of cloth uses less water which means there is no need to wring it constantly. This suggests reduced risk of injury for the worker concerned because there is less of scrubbing required.
  • Saves your back - Hands down, these microfiber mops can save your back from too much exertion. This is yet another upside that should be thought about seriously if you have back trouble.
  • Cost effective - Choose branded ones and you know you are on the right track. Why so? This is because these will last you long unlike a sponge mop or a cotton one. So, the investment is supposed to be an economical one as you will not be buying a mop for a long time.
  • For sanitized cleaning - Study has proven that microfiber mops are more efficient at reducing the growth of microbes over conventional mops. A research conducted by the University of California, shows that these mops can reduce bacteria growth by 99%!
  • Extremely easy to use - This is another quality that makes this cloth a must have for home as well as commercial users. Just adjust the mop head and you can be cleaning your way.
  • Light in weight - Yes, most of these mops are super light in weight and this is another reason why people find them easy to maneuver. This is indeed one more advantage that should be looked into.
  • Low maintenance - A microfiber mop is certainly a low maintenance one as it does not require anything more than just simple washing it. Most of them are machine washable and can be laundered multiple times without compromising the shape and size.

Top 3 Best Microfiber Mop Reviews

These are some of the truly best microfiber mop that has been mentioned in here. We have collaborated 3 products based on their usability, availability and feasibility for the good of all:




Our Rating




1. 18" Professional Microfiber Mop | Stainless Steel Handle | Premium Mop Pads + 2 Free Microfiber Cloths

This is the bestseller in this category and is at par with professional cleaning. It is apt at cleaning home and office alike by collecting huge debris of dust, dirt, grime and pet hair. It is made up of premium quality microfiber that can take up fight against the tiniest of dirt.

Moreover the mop heads are machine washable and are low maintenance. All this certainly makes it one of the best in the market. Some of its benefits include:

  • Easy cleaning
  • No straining the back
  • Adjustable stainless steel handle
  • Do not get stinky
  • Quick cleaning

2. Linkyo Microfiber Floor Mop - 3 Mop Pads And Extension Included

Simple, yet professional cleaning is to be expected out of this microfiber mop. The manufacturer also does not make it sound big because the product and its raving reviews speak volumes about it.

The handle is made up of commercial grade stainless steel which makes it sturdy. The 360 degrees swivel makes it an effortless task to move around with it. Here a few advantages that is associated with this mop:

  • 70 inches long stainless steel handle
  • Easy to operate handle
  • Can clean three times better than traditional mops
  • Expect to move easily with this mop
  • Comes with 2 years guarantee

This is among those few ones that can are considered the best solution for cleaning laminate, hardwood, stone and tile. This makes it a versatile microfiber mop that can take care of dirt, hair, grime, dust and debris of all kinds.

The telescopic handle makes cleaning easier for the worker and the imported microfiber of the mop makes cleaning trouble-free. There is more to it like:

  • Certainly one of the best microfiber mop that is a super absorbent
  • Comes with additional attachments
  • Ideal for touchups
  • Light in weight
  • Reasonably priced

A Guide On How To Use Microfiber Mops

Being one of the honest microfiber mop reviews we need to state that a microfiber mop is best suited for cleaning laminated floors with grout lines. They are good for all floor types but their precision comes handy while working with grout lines that need special care during cleaning. With that being discussed, we need to draw your attention to something that you would like know about and that would be how to use a microfiber mop. We have simplified the technique for you like this:

  • You need to start with attaching the mop head as per the user manual
  • Dunk it into water either with cleaning solution or you can spray it separately while cleaning
  • Work it around the house the way you like and push the mop into the darkest corners
  • Keep rinsing the mop as per your choice and wring it properly for best results
  • Most of the mops come in mop and bucket set, so you may not need an additional bucket
  • There is no need to push it hard and wring it too much as a little can be more for these microfiber mops in general

Maintenance And Sanitation Of Microfiber Mop

The first thing that you should be told is to keep your microfiber mop clean. For this you need to follow some really simple techniques and you can be making it last for a long time. Give this section a thorough read and you will know what we mean by this:

  • Using mild detergent for cleaning can help you preserve the mop
  • If possible use different mops for different purposes, like one for the kitchen, one for the washroom and another for the rest for the house
  • Wash your mops heads each time after cleaning to keep them in good health
  • Never leave them soaking overnight in detergent
  • Wash your microfiber mops with warm water
  • Let the mop air dry before next use
  • Do not use bleaching agents unless it has been specified by the manufacturer

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Keeping your family protected is your duty and for this you need to use the best microfiber mop without a second thought. Yes, buy the appropriate one that suits your requirements and you can be rocking the show. Imagine how nice it sounds when your guests compliment you about how neat your house looks because it exudes cleanliness. So say goodbye to the old cotton rags and mop heads, it is time for a change. Why not stay ahead of the curve?

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How To Buy The Best Microfiber Mop?
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