Everything You Wanted To Know About The Best Mop for Vinyl Floors

Vinyl is an attractive floor and you will be glad to know that you have to do little to make it last long.

Yes, vinyl floors can go a long way provided you take care of them. The good news, this is not that difficult at all and it does not have to be too expensive too.

You can maintain in an affordable manner and you have the best mop for vinyl floors for that. Read this post until the end and get a fair idea as to how this works in your favor in the best possible ways.




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Benefits of using Best Mop for Vinyl Floors

The fact that cleaning vinyl floors is not an impossible thing makes it sound easy.

Albeit, it is simple and you do not have to worry much about it, but you should also know what benefits you can reap by taking care of your floor made from vinyl if you are still confused.

Here is a logical explanation that will make you realize the need for doing so:

  • You want a shiny and good looking floor, who doesn’t, you are no exception
  • Some areas need more than sweeping
  • In fact, high foot traffic areas are always in need of regular cleaning
  • If you are professional outlet, then you need to make that impression on your clients and customers, so you need a sparkling floor
  • Investing in a mop is the least thing to do and you can save a lot by doing so
  • These mops are generally light in weight and you can keep a radiant floor that can steal everyone’s gaze
  • Most of these mops are durable and that is a beat
  • They are reasonably priced and they are long standing
  • While using steam mops make sure that you use the regular steamer and the apt mop head for cleaning
  • Most importantly mopping your vinyl floor makes them look fresh and this is crux of this discussion

How to choose Best Mop for Vinyl Floors?

Okay, fine we have to agree that vinyl floors get dirty a tad too fast and you cannot deny that. You need to clean them at least once in a week to help them retain the shine.

You may be using a flat mop, a steam mop or a microfiber sweep and mop variety, all you need to ensure is that the quality you are investing is top class.

This is what we have been talking about for so long and further here, is a detailed discussion on how to select the right vinyl mop:

Why do you need it – This is the very first thing to identify as you need to find out what is that you need it for. You may want to get a mop for just cleaning the area or you may need one as a disinfectant.

Choice is yours and you need to identify what purpose your mop needs to serve. This will help you reach the right products at one go.

Saving time and effort – You may like your friend’s mop but don’t just fall it blindly. It is your home and you know how to clean better than anyone else. You should follow your cleaning routine and then pick a mop. This certainly will save you effort as well as time.

Non-abrasive – Choose a mop that is non-abrasive (abrasive like steel wool can wreak havoc on a floor), as you will be sure that it will not damage your floor. It is recommended that you choose the right mop for your vinyl floor by purchasing the mop that speaks about vinyl floor cleaning.

In this context, mention has to be made about staying away from cleaners that contain ammonia and other harsh chemicals.

Pricing – This is the deal breaker and yes you need to chalk out a budget while buying a mop. Oh come on now, it as humble as a mop, why go into these details? Well, if that was the case, then you would not have been reading this.

The price plays a major role and by this we are not asking you to invest in the cheap quality ones. What we mean is you should get something that is practical.

Top 3 Best Mop for Vinyl Floors 2018 Reviews

We curated a list of the best of products and you can have a look at this for reference.

If you really like trouble-free cleaning, then this mop is for you. It has a long aluminum handle that can be expanded to 35 to 60 inches. Not to mention, that this can save your back and the mop from rusting.

Moreover, the microfiber mop head with its swivel action can clean a lot more than you can think. You can use on vinyl, linoleum, wood, tile, laminate and many more.

This is an all-purpose mop that can be used for dry as well as wet cleaning. Rest assured as there is no gimmick to this product as this is WYSWYG.


  • This is light in weight
  • It has a stunning color
  • It can pick up dirt, dust, grime, pet hair and fine dust particles with ease
  • The telescopic extension assists you clean hard to reach spots without much of an effort
  • You can wash the mop in your machine and reuse it for 100 more times
  • Leaves your floor with a smooth finish


  • This product seems to be little expensive, but you must be aware of the fact that quality comes for a price. Overall, this is a good product and you can choose it as your cleaning companion if you are really concerned.

If you are pro steam cleaning, then this one has some features that can bowl you over. It starts to heat within 30 seconds and the two sided microfiber head (patented) takes care of the rest of the cleaning for you.

It is super easy to use, light in weight and releases steam at every step you take. It can eradicate dirt, dried spills, dust, germs, and allergens to name a few. It can sanitize your house within minutes and render the area with a glossy polish.

You can use it on vinyl, tile, linoleum and wood for cleaning purposes.


  • This is pretty looking Shark for sure
  • Can sterilize your house by 99.9%
  • You can clean your floor and disinfectant them without using any harsh chemicals
  • You can deep clean the floor
  • Expect superior cleaning and fast drying
  • Comes with patented double sided cleaning technology
  • Has a huge water tank with 450 liters capacity, considered ideal for cleaning extensively


  • The main concern with steam mops is that you need to know how to use them. The user manual is not much helpful for new user and mostly for experienced.

You won’t believe that cleaning with a mop was that easy if you have not stumbled across this mop. It can clean, reverse clean, pick up pet hair, with telescopic extension and is eco-friendly.

That is quite a lot, but there is more to this mop, like it is made up from 50% microfiber and 50% chenille. Has a long extended handle that can stretch up to 30 to 51 inches at ease. This suggests that your back remains protected while working with this mop and you can wash it your machine to keep it clean (but advised not to be used in a dryer).

Best for vinyl, tile and glass as it can bring back the long lost shine to these surfaces.


  • Is light in weight
  • Has an ergonomically designed 360 degrees rotating head
  • Then you can flip the mop head while cleaning depending on your requirement
  • Highly durable because of its built


  • This machine is not much versatile in usage except vinyl floor as the performance is not as expected in other type of floor but it’s a genuine mop for vinyl floor and you can maintain it the way you want to.


One thing that you should bear in mind while maintaining vinyl floor is that of keeping a rug or a doormat at the entrance of each and every door. This will make sure that your floors get minimal dust in the long run.

Of course, then you the Best Mop for Vinyl Floors that can do the rest, but keep this tip in mind for good. It is advisable that you opt for a mop that is specifically designed for vinyl floors as this will keep things intact.

Other than this, take care of cleaning the floor everyday to keep it well maintained. You certainly want to handover a sparkling house to your progeny and not a shabby one that they would like get rid as soon as you make way for your heavenly abode!

Everything You Wanted To Know About The Best Mop for Vinyl Floors
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