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Are you worried about that white shirt you recently bought will lose its color? Fear no more, as you can find a solution in what is called oxygen bleach. It also goes by name of oxy bleach and is abundantly available in the market.

Yes, but chances are high that you may get confused with so many brands around. This is why we have composed this post dedicated to the best oxygen bleach of all time. You can take this post as a reference and invest in good quality bleach.

The most important question; that you have on your mind is what is this oxy bleach? In simple words, it is a commonly sued product that replaces chlorine bleach for regular cleaning purposes. Here are a few points that you can be jolted down to explain what exactly it is:​

  • First of it is environmentally safe
  • Its chemical name is sodium percarbonate, that breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and soda crystals (natural) after getting into contact with water
  • Works as a strong stain remover because of these properties
  • It can be used on both colored as well as white clothes
  • You can use this as pre wash treatment by soaking the stained clothes overnight or may be just using 2 spoonful of this bleach with your regular detergent before washing

**Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

How to choose Best Oxygen Bleach?

You need bear a few things in mind while talking about oxy bleach. We have disclosed all of those factors in this section and you need to make sure that you read it carefully to get the best out of this. There are many active ingredients that make the composition of oxy bleaches like optical brighteners, surfactants, enzyme and bluing to name a few.

These constituents can affect the working a bleaching agent and you must read about them in details on the fine print (no pun intended). Of course, there is more to this discussion and we have segmented this discussion into several fragments to make it easy for you. Read the following part with utmost caution.

Branded–This is a must because whenever you set out to buy something, you chose a brand over the others. This is because you trust the name and know that it will not cause you any harm. The same rule applies to buying oxygen bleach and you should not ignore it for good.

Alkaline–Remember to opt for alkaline oxy bleach as it performs its best in alkaline surroundings. In fact, you can add washing soda to it to increase its pH level. This will bring you the most desired effects of oxy bleach for sure.

Eco friendly–All the products that we have discussed in this post are environmentally safe. They are safe for the sewer, gray water and certainly your septic tank. This is what you need to ensure that the product you are choosing is not harsh and does not contain any harmful elements that may cause health hazards for your family in the long run.

Budget friendly–Okay, this is practical and you need to give this a thorough thinking, that of selecting a product that comes within a budget. Most households would not like to buy anything very fancy, so why not stick to the basics and buy something pragmatically? After all, if you find the bleach to be good, you would be ordering it every month. No one wants to incur too much of expenses on a monthly basis.

Where to buy–You can buy these online as most of the online retailers nowadays procure oxygen bleach for their inventory. It has become an integral of many households, which is why most of these retailers need this as a regular. Plus, you may get additional discounts and seasonal offers from time to time.

Top 3 Best Oxygen Bleach 2017 Reviews

Without wasting much of your time, we would like to present you with the best oxygen bleach right away:

1. OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover, 7.22 Lbs

This is a versatile bleaching agent can be used to clean clothes, patio furniture and carpets as well. Yes, there is no end to its use and you can use this agent to clean almost everything in your house, provided the items you are thinking about are bleach resistant.

This can cut through grease like butter, is equally adept at removing dirt or even make up from your clothes and can be used to clean the bathroom very efficiently. The only thing we would request our readers is to keep it out of reach children and pets.

The manufacturer clearly asks not to store for more 6 hours, so we advise you to read the instructions before use.


  • The manufacturer claims that it can be in 101 ways
  • Is safe as a washing agent and clean grout lines, upholstery, rugs and furniture
  • It is chlorine free and safe to use
  • Contains no phosphates and is ammonia free
  • Can take up the toughest of challenges to fight stains
  • You can soak products that are bleach safe overnight for drastic results
  • Reasonably priced product from a name brand


  • There is nothing that haters can say about this except one that marks it down for missing the scoop. If missing a scoop is good enough reason to reduce its rating, then it should be given a serious thought. Other than that, there is nothing bad with this bleaching agent in particular.

2. Charlie's Soap Oxygen Bleach, 2.64 Pound

If you are looking for clean, white and odor free clothes, then opting for this product could be a good idea. Why so? This is because Charlie's Soap oxygen bleach can release hydrogen peroxide in a natural way.

Yes, it way safer than any chlorine based bleach and is regarded as an effective cleaner for household use. It adds oxygen to the Charlie's Soap that people have become so fond of in the recent times. Moreover, this compound is non-toxic which means it is environment friendly as well.


  • It is free of chlorine and other harmful substances
  • It does not utilize useless filters by any chance
  • Hypoallergenic which means it is safe for home use
  • This suggests it is environmentally safe as well
  • Can be used for cleaning anything washable
  • Safe for colors as well
  • 1 to 2 tbsp. is deemed good for lightly and 8 tbsp. for extremely soiled surfaces


  • Some unfortunate ones have had the bitter experience of procuring fake products that has made all the difference. Now, this is something that we keep telling our readers to buy it from authentic merchants only. There is no reason that you should be conned of your money, so invest sensibly and the see how the product actually performs. Other than this, sad incidence, we can conclude that the product is good to go.

3. OxiClean 2-in-1 Stain Fighter Power Paks, 26 Count

By this time, you know it very well that it takes more than a detergent to keep your whites white and colors looking bright. You may be worried about those sports clothes or the gym wear, worry no more because you have the best of the lost in this OxiClean 2-in-1 Stain Fighter that can take care of everything.

It does not have harsh additives like chlorine bleach and use colorfast technology that removes stains but not the colors. Furthermore, it is safe for septic tanks but you are being advised to keep it off your silk and woolen garments.


  • Can remove stains very efficiently
  • Brightens your colors and makes your whites white
  • Can deep cleanse any surface and that is why it is on our list as the Best Oxygen Bleach
  • Releases oxygen as it gets dissolved with water
  • Can be used in all washers and you can use this to clean the washers too


  • A few users have complained about the OxiClean 2-in-1 Stain Fighter leaving stains on their clothes. Though this sounds heedless of the OxiClean 2-in-1, yet they do not clarify the fact what kind of fabric they are talking about. Was it something the manufacturer clearly states not to use on? So, these allegations are baseless unless we are given a clear picture. What we can say as per our experience of this brand is that you can go ahead and judge it by yourself.


Oxy bleach has more uses than you can think of and sit being eco-friendly, adds to the fun of it. You can use it on plastic, fabric (as already mentioned in this post) to wood for cleaning. Yes, that is right and you can get some mind blowing results with this bleaching agent.

However, you need to find out if the manufacturer of the product you are planning to use it allows it or not. On the whole, we hope that we have addressed everything about the best oxygen bleach for you today.

If you have more queries, do get in touch with us or share your knowledge through the comments section. Let us take the pledge of cleaning our house and clothes without damaging the environment, if you really want our progeny to live in a safer world tomorrow.

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