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Okay vacuum cleaners may be an ideal cleaning tool for the house but they are not at all a solution for cleaning a car. Thinking about your latest car expedition may bring back a lot of memories, but the dirt, grime, leaves, unwanted debris and pet hair (if you have one) will make it look a dirty old sock. There are no doubts you would not like to move around in a car that has build up and awfully smelly interiors. This not only makes your car look shabby but also is not hygienic ride especially if you have kids. Instead of lugging the vacuum cleaner from the house, how about getting one of the best portable car vacuum cleaners? Does that sound good? We will soon find out how is it different from the other cleaners.

Review Of The Best Portable Car Vacuum Cleaners

There indeed is an array of products that you can get to choose from when it comes to car vacuum cleaners. Therein, lays the problem because there is too much of options that make it difficult for you to select one good product from. So we have worked out on something just like good portable vacuum cleaner reviews would. We have compiled a list of 3 top products that are regarded as the best of portable car vacuum cleaners.

1. BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L 16 volt

Don’t give in to its pretty looks as this is a small power pact car vacuum that has a strong suctioning ability. It is totally an incredible device that can move in cyclonic action which means it can reach places where it is required the most. Moreover, it has to be added that it can hold charge for 18 long months! There is more to it like:


  • The name brand of Black + Decker has been a top notch manufacturer of power tools mainly
  • It has a bagless bowl that can be tipped over very easily
  • Light in weight
  • Its chargers are of lithium ion that ensure less charge time but longer output
  • This further helps in what is called fade free power which means users can complete tasks at one go
  • The slim nozzle can stretch to tight spots for cleaning


  • The suction spout is small to work with, but if you are using it in a car how wide would you want the spout to be? Compact design also may be a problem but its for a definite purpose that has to be taken care.

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2. DEWALT DCV581H 18/20-Volt

The DEWALT DCV581H 18/20-Volt as the name suggests can be powered by an 18v or alternatively a 20v MAX battery. It can also work with an AC outlet instead and can trap dust at 99.9% efficiently. Here are some of its features in short:


  • Its filter is rated with HEPA
  • It can be washed easily
  • It can be stored on board in an effortless manner
  • Comes with a crush resistant hose
  • Is highly affordable
  • Has a 3 years warranty by the manufacturer


  • Suction of this vacuum used to be not that great. Nonetheless, this is an authentic product that you can to go for.

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3. Black+Decker BDH2000PL

This one runs on a 20V MAX battery and has a strong suction ability which makes it a fantastic portable car vacuum cleaner. It can clean up a mess within minute and hands down is a product of a renowned company like Black+Decker. This company has an experience of 100 years of manufacturing innovative power tools which makes it a product worth trying for sure and is an eminent part of may be all portable vacuum cleaner reviews. Here is a list of its features:


  • Pivot in action means accessing difficult areas for cleaning with full power
  • Is a cordless vacuum that makes it convenient to move
  • The lithium ion batteries make use of fade free power that make it easier to clean at once
  • The crevice tool makes it easy to clean upholstery because of the additional brush
  • Comes with a 2 year limited warranty


  • This dustbuster lose charge very quickly. Well, to some extent that depends on your technique of charging it. So follow the manual while charging it.

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Why Buy Portable Car Vacuum Cleaners?

A neat and tidy car is a dream of many and in order to keep it that way you need to maintain it well. A handheld portable car vacuum cleaner can be a good deal for any car owner. Why so? We will soon find out about it but first things first and it needs special mention that a portable car vacuum is small and compact in size. This is the biggest solution that these handheld cleaners have over standard home vacuum cleaners. There is more like:

  • Most of these portable car vacuum cleaners are affordable
  • They are versatile by nature because good ones come with multiple attachments that can literally clean every nook and corner of the house
  • These can clean spaces that larger vacuum cleaners cannot reach
  • They are light in weight
  • This makes them highly portable as the name suggests
  • They may be light but they are a powerhouse when it comes to cleaning
  • These can be used immediately for quick cleanups
  • These are low on maintenance
  • Can practically find long lost items with their small reach
  • No need of a home maid, that means it can save you money

User Guide For Best Portable Car Vacuum

It may not be an easy task, for some to buy a product that is expected to clean the dirtiest of surfaces. This is why we have found a basis on which you can choose the best of these portable car vacuum cleaners. The following discussion will give you a better understanding of things, so read on:

  • Brand - A brand name makes us feel secured and no one can deny that. Hence you can trust brands like Black + Decker or Dewalt to make the deal safe. Trusting a name brand is the starting point for sure.
  • Size of the vacuum - You can buy these portable vacuum cleaners depending on the size of your car. Our advice would be to purchase the best portable vacuum car cleaner of small size if you own a small car.
  • Ease of operation - Another thing that needs to be added here is that this car vacuum should be user friendly, light in weight and easy to maneuver for best results.
  • Suctioning - Must have the strongest of suction power as your car will get dirty every day. Again, if you have pets that travel in the same car, then you would want a stronger vacuum to work with.
  • Not too clumsy - Cord or cordless is your choice, but we would like to add that go for an easy to choose one. This will make things effortless for the user and keeping the car clean will not be a worry anymore.
  • Should be portable - Yes, choose a highly portable car vacuum cleaner as you will be able to clean faster with it. It should be able to reach areas that are otherwise hard to access.
  • Look at the attachments - A good car vacuum would have assorted attachments to clean different parts of the car without any doubts.

Maintenance And Sanitization Of Portable Car Vacuum

Most importantly the best portable car vacuum cleaners should be low on maintenance. It is quite evident that you are buying a machine to relieve you a little and if you spend more time on cleaning this machine, then it makes no sense to buy one! So make sure:

  • The model you buy is super easy to keep. Like some models come without stockpile bags, that make them easy to clean as all you need is to throw the dust out
  • Some hardly need you to clean the filters as well and can last you really long

FAQs Of Portable Car Vacuum

Q1. Can the best portable car vacuum cleaners remove pet hair?

Q2. Can we mix batteries, like old and new ones in the same vacuum cleaner?

Q3. How to store the batteries?

Q4. Can vacuum cleaners get you elocuted?

Q5. Should I look for a warranty?


Getting one of the best portable car vacuum cleaners should be considered to be necessity for every household. There could be a barrage of these products available in the market but getting the best one based on your requirements would be a resort. Just stick to the basics that have been discussed in here and you may find a reliable one that may last you for years to come. Why waste money on cheaper ones that may not serve you long? So, be wise and invest smartly as you will need them for a long time without a doubt.

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Find The Best Portable Car Vacuum
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