Bargain for the Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are easy to install and maintain. These two are more than enough for anyone to allure anyone into it. In addition to this, laminate is cheaper than wood and much opposite to hardwood and carpet; it does not fade away in sunlight.

So, you see there are too many reasons to fall for this kind of flooring. However, you need to be explained that it needs little cleaning and that is all you will have to do for it to last you long.

This is why we have dedicated this post to the best vacuum for laminate floors. Enjoy the read.

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Benefits of using Best Vacuum For Laminate Floors


Getting the right kind of vacuum cleaner can make things easy for you. If you want to clean your house, then do it with a vacuum as it saves you time and effort.

Most vacuums can wipe out allergens, pollutants and germs from your house or office. This purifies the air and you can breathe in safety.

If you think these are no sufficient, then consider the following things:

  • Vacuuming is easier than mopping and sweeping, you just have plug it in and start with your cleaning
  • Vacuum cleaners can remove pet hair, hair and fine dust particles with dexterity
  • Doing so can make your house odor free within minutes
  • Again, if you are planning to get the robotic vacuum cleaner, then you get advanced features with them, like the sensors that these vacs use to clean
  • These vacs are ideal for people with mobility issues
  • A robotic vac can detect dust on any surface
  • You can set boundaries (virtual) which makes cleaning easy
  • Its ability to sense dirt is its major upside
  • Using a vacuum cleaner means you can access hard to reach spots at one go
  • You can clean your home, whenever you want
  • Believe us when we say that this is a low cost tool as these can serve you for long
  • Overall, buying a vac is an investment as they can last long provided you use them judiciously

How to choose the Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors?


You can easily choose from upright, canister, bagless or bagged. What becomes confusing is to decide which vac you should go for. All have their own merits and demerits. The market is flooded with brands, varieties and then the certified ones.

Yes, it becomes overwhelming and the result is baffling. Don’t worry as we have got you covered for this. Read the next segment of this discussion carefully and you will get a fair idea as to what we mean.

Requirement – This is a big word and it conveys some meaning to you for sure. How so? The primary role of a vac is to clean your house or office and most of them succeed in doing so.

The point is what kind of facility do you have and what things would you like it to clean. If you have wall to wall carpeting, then you may need an upright vacuum. Then again, if you have a mix of rugs, floors and carpeted floors, then you may think of canister vacs.

If you have special needs then giving the robotic vacs a thought can be wise. In this case, like if you are a laminate floor owner, then you must mull over the vacuum cleaners that we have reviewed in this post.

Foot traffic – This is another thing that should not go unnoticed because you clean an area depending on how much traffic it receives. Then same logic applies while buying a vac and you must think about this while buying a vac for laminate floors. Make sure that the vac you invest in is durable enough to withstand arduous cleaning.

Quality – Look for a vacuum cleaner that is branded, has a well-built body and can be used on almost all surfaces. All this will ensure that you have a good vac in place that will last you longer.

Easy to use – Yes, this is another criterion and this should not go neglected. You must purchase something that you will use and that is why investing in something that is easy to use is must. This makes more practical besides everything.

Top 3 Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors 2017 Reviews

We have laid down a list of the best vacuum for laminate floors for you, hope you find this useful.

This may sound like those cheap advertisement slogans calling “Free, free, free,” but we cannot help and shout out our lungs saying “bestseller, bestseller.”

Don’t mind our super enthusiasm, but we have to communicate it to you that it is a super robotic vacuum cleaner. It has the power to sense and clean, it can navigate on its own and can adapt to its surroundings.

Undeniably, this is one of the best in this category and is a beat for its price. You can clean 7X a week by just pressing a single button and you will be glad to know that it can be recharged automatically.


  • Use it on laminate, hardwood, carpet and tile
  • Schedule it and forget about cleaning
  • Can clean in 3 stages, agitating, brushing and suctioning
  • It can dock automatically
  • Picks up finest of pet hair
  • Roomba is simple to use
  • It runs on smart technology and it cannot go wrong, unless you mess up the system


  • Yes, can get tricky with people that are not well versed with technology. It’s bit pricey, but you need to know that it is a robotic vacuum cleaner, so regarding the functions it’s quite affordable.

We promise you will have your “OMG” moment while reading through this review about the Shark Rocket TruePet.

Okay, it is ultra-light in weight, as it weighs just about 9 pounds, can pick up pet hair with ease and has 2X capacity to clean “without interruption” as they put it.

Now, listen to this, the TruePet can be converted to a handheld model in spite of being a corded upright vac!

We promised the moment, we know you are shocked, but it is true. You cannot expect Shark to go beyond this, as its advanced technology has been put to use in the best possible ways.


  • Pretty looking Shark and the bright purple nails it
  • It can clean floor to ceiling, literally because of the convertibility
  • Does not need going over when you use it on laminate
  • It is a keeper of pet supplies
  • Motorized brush ensures it does its job well
  • This indicates it can deep clean hard surfaces
  • The LED lights illume the work area making it easy to clean


  • This machine is having a habit to be overheated, but it’s quite natural for this kind of machine. You need to see how it works over returning it! Now, this possibly could not be a ground for marking it down.

This is a complete product in itself and does not require any sweeping prior to using it. The vac’s unique V-shaped head helps it to suction out more dust and renders the area cleaner.

Additionally, this shape allows it to clean under the furniture and does not create blind spots while in action. The wipers can attract pet hair quite efficiently and this why it is deemed as a blessing for pet owners.

This is known to be the best friend of laminate floors and other hard floors for in that matter.


  • Gorgeous looking Bissell
  • Can suction a lot of debris at once
  • Can take on nasty pile ups
  • The swivel head assists it to reach tight spots
  • Easy to empty and this makes your work stress-free
  • It is light in weight
  • Can pick up pet hair rather competently


  • In most scenarios this vac breaks down easily. In reality it is mostly built for laminate floor. Seems, it has more to do with usage, over anything else. We urge our readers to know how to use it first and then buy it.


Choose a vacuum designed especially for laminate floor. This will win half the battle for you and for the rest you need to put in a little effort.

Keep your laminate clean if you want to pass on a legacy to your children. Show them how you have cared for the fruit of your labor.

Indeed, buying a house and then maintaining it is no child’s play. Let your progeny think high of you and make them feel the same way for your possession.

Invest in the Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors to preserve it. Hand it over, the way you have bought it. That would make a lot of sense and you will be remembered with respect. You get to live in their good memories and that would be more than a lifetime’s achievement.

Bargain for the Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors
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