Have a look at the Best Vinyl Floor Cleaner

What makes vinyl floors a favorite is their durability and with little care these floors can last for 15 to 20 years.

Again, Vinyl is available in different shades and colors which is also a major reason for their fame.

They are easy to install and cut, but it is recommended that you seek professional help while doing so. They are a practical solution as this kind of flooring needs less maintenance. With that being said, you can just clean, sweep and mop vinyl to make them last long.

Yes, it is that easy and we will find out about the best vinyl floor cleaner soon.

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Benefits of using the Best Vinyl Floor Cleaner

Using a cleaner for a floor can always help you preserve the floor and a vinyl cleaner is no different to this.

Ideally speaking, if you want your floor to last you long, then you should keep it in good condition. There are no second choices as you either do it or you don’t.

Quite normally, most of us would try to do the best to keep up the floor and hand it over to our progeny. We have found a few advantages of using a vinyl floor cleaner and they are as follows:

  • First things first, if you want a shiny floor, then you need a floor cleaner
  • In some cases, sweeping and mopping are enough
  • Again, you may not like a slippery floor as mopping can make it slippery
  • Think of high traffic areas, they need regular protection
  • If you are a retail outlet, an office or any other commercial channel, you need a vinyl to keep the area sparkling to impress clients and customers alike
  • A vinyl cleaner will make stores look more professional
  • Not to forget, that a vinyl floor cleaner will keep the floor hygienic
  • Also these cleaners can add a finish to your floor that you may have never seen before
  • You should not miss on the crux of this discussion that these cleaners freshen up your floors

How to choose Best Vinyl Floor Cleaner?

Look keeping you r floor means evading the chances of falling sick. Any sane man would choose this way over living in an unkempt place. A crisp and sparkling floor looks notable, if not anything else.

Nonetheless, everyone should live in a clean environment and make sure that their family lives in full protection. In an ideal world, a good vinyl floor cleaner will keep away germs, microbes and allergens away from your family.

We have worked out a few ways how can you choose the best vinyl floor cleaner for your house.

Brand – We would advise you to go with known brands in this category. Brands know how to manufacture products and what certifications to opt for. These name brands are experienced in their line of work and there are no doubts about it.

Price – Choose things pragmatically and for this you need to set a price range. This will help you select a few products fast as you will get a range to work with. Just stick to a realistic price because you may want to try a few products in the beginning. Pertaining to a price can only make things easy for you.

Non toxic – When it comes to cleaners, you must go with products that are completely non toxic. In this case, mention may be made about neural pH products that are safe to use. These products ensure they are safe for human skin, environment and even for animals. You must choose something that gives you the leverage of using them freely.

Environment safe – Taking a cue from the above mentioned post, it must be stated that you must invest in products that are considered of marked as safe for the environment. A cleaner should be sewage safe and should not pose to be a threat to the aquatic life.

Functional – Of course, a handy product will be more than simple utility. A quality floor cleaner will not only clean, but also keep your family guarded. We would inform you to buy a vinyl floor cleaner sensibly. Do not fall for the fancy ones and go with an unpretentious product that claims only to clean.

Top 3 Best Vinyl Floor Cleaners 2017 Reviews

Here is curated list of the 3 best products that you will ever hear of.

1. Armstrong 330806 Armstrong Once 'N Done Cleaner Concentrate, 1/2 Gallon(64OZ)

When it comes to vinyl floor cleaners, the Armstrong 330806 is one of the best cleaners in the market. There is nothing that stops this manufacturer from producing superior cleaners.

This company has been around for quite some time and they make it a point they manufacture durable cleaners. This cleaner is very easy to use and does not take much of your time while cleaning.

It is recommended by professionals and you can be assured of its excellence.


  • Does not require rinsing
  • It adds value to your vinyl floor
  • It is very reasonably priced
  • Good for using on vinyl, terrazzo, slate, ceramic, marble and stone to name a few
  • It does not hurt the grout in the tiles
  • Not to be used on wood, linoleum or any other hardwood floors


  • We request all our readers to learn cleaning their vinyl floor first and then purchase a cleaner. This is because we have found a few users that have found this cleaner to be useless. Now, they do not tell us how they have used the cleaner or what surface they tried it on. That shows the product to be not at fault but the probably the technique of cleaning.

2. Trewax Vinyl and Linoleum Neutral Floor Cleaner, 32-Ounce

This is one of a kind cleaner that can be used on vinyl, marble, pavers and terrazzo. In a way, it could be said that this can be used exclusively on no wax floors. This is a popular vinyl floor cleaner because it is non toxic in nature.

That is right this cleaner can maintain neutral pH of the floor owing to this property. This suggests that it is a safe floor cleaner to use as it can keep your family and pets out of harm's way.

You will not be worried while using this cleaner because of this. There is more to this cleaner like:


  • This is a concentrated solution
  • It leaves no residues behind
  • Does not require any rising
  • Rightly priced cleaner
  • Available at major online retailers


  • A handful of users have complained that this leaves lot suds behind. However, you can simply mop them with a sponge mop and then follow up with a rag mop. The suds will disappear in no time and your floor shine as if freshly polished. This establishes the fact that the cleaner works and so does the testimonials of all those who swear by its performance.

3. OdoBan 936162-G Neutral pH Floor Cleaner Concentrate, 1 Gallon Bottle

This cleaner does not contain any harmful chemical and it comprises of natural surfactant. It can rinse floors like vinyl, laminate, tile and even wood!

Yes, because of its neutral pH balance it can clean all surfaces without causing them any harm. It can remove dirt, dust and soil without much of a difficulty. It adds a luster and cleans floors with no streaks at all. This is one reason why this cleaner has become a household name in the US.

A word of caution is necessary while working with this cleaner, that to avoid sticky finish, you must dilute it and then clean.


  • This is a concentrated cleaner
  • Can make up to 128 gallons
  • It not only cleans but also deodorizes the floor
  • Does not harm finishes
  • Extremely reasonably priced


  • Some have found the smell to be strong and they do not approve of it. You may have noticed cleaners to reek because the dirt, pollution, dust and grime that you clean also stink while getting scrubbed off. This could be a reason why they may have found to be smelly, but these reviewers also do not tell us in particular how they have used this cleaner.


If you are looking for budgeted flooring solutions, then you must go for vinyl. This type of floor is hard-wearing and is has low VOC emissions. It resembles wood or stone, but is soft on the foot. It is water resistant and there will be no fear losing your floor to water in the least. They are flexible and you get to choose from an assortment of floors that make it a good investment.

Now, with the best vinyl floor cleaner you can keep them well maintained for good. For all these reasons, these floors have made it in the real estate world with a boom. Point is, if you have a vinyl floor you may want to get the right kind of cleaner and we have the perfect resolve for you in here.

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