Here Is A Buying Guide To Best Wood Cutting Board

Ever thought about the importance of a cutting board? Chances are less and that is why you are reading this post. Well, to be honest, we composed this post to help those who have never thought about buying the Best Wood Cutting Board in the past, but now are dead serious about it. The point is if you have the right equipments in your kitchen then cooking will become fun nevertheless. Again, getting a proper cutting board will make it melodious while you work relentlessly in the kitchen. In fact investing in a wooden cutting board is major concern. Many think that a plastic cutting board is easy to maintain, but in the long run a wooden cutting board is the best that you can ever think of. It’s true and let us find out more about it.

Reviews of the Best Wood Cutting Board

It may be really hard for you to find out the best of the products in this category. This is where we come in as we have pledged to make your life at least when it comes to kitchen essentials. For this, we have found 3 top products that can add glamour as well as value to your kitchen anytime.

1- #1 Best ORGANIC Bamboo Wood Cutting & Kitchen Chopping Board with Groove, Extra Large, Perfect Wedding or Housewarming Gift

If you want to buy a natural bamboo cutting board that has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties then this is it. Throw away your plastic cutting board that has been home to several microbes. Natural bamboo smells amazing and adds a dash of the oriental look to your kitchen. Indeed, a bamboo cutting like this one enhances the look of your kitchen. Moreover, it can be gifted to anybody as a wedding or housewarming present. Here are some more of what you can expect from this bamboo cutting board:


  • Choosing a bamboo or a wood cutting board can keep your family safe
  • Since this is made up of bamboo, there is no chance of making it toxic
  • No added dyes and pesticides to be scared of
  • Large size is a blessing while cooking and chopping
  • Is pretty much light in weight
  • Can withstand a lot of force like a meat cleaver as well
  • It is a no mess board while cutting meat too
  • Can be flipped to be used as a tray
  • Does not dull the knives in your kitchen
  • A no risk guarantee makes it an authentic product


  • Its large in size though light in weight and possibilities to reduce the size of it. If you want it smoother, then you are more than free to sand it. Not all are same and different people have different choices.

2- Kitchen bamboo cutting board positive. Natural Eco Friendly Premium is the best board Brie Cheese Cutting Boards For flora, Pastry lemon, watermelon, French Bread. 13 "X10" Handle With Big Timber One Handed

If you are thinking of gifting that perfect gift to anyone for a wedding, housewarming or Christmas, then this has to be it. This eco friendly bamboo cutting board is a versatile cutting board that can do it all. The biggest plus is the antimicrobial and antibacterial property that makes it safe for home use. No. you don’t have to worry about its being BPA free if you opt for something natural like wood bamboo. There is more to it like:


  • The contemporary two toned design makes it a good looking bamboo cutting board Is very sturdy just like wooden cutting board
  • Nonetheless is light in weight
  • Bamboo is a natural repellent that works against the breeding of microbes
  • Additionally, bamboo is porous and there are no doubts about it, this feature makes it hygienic
  • It is an ideal cutting board because there is no build up from slicing chicken, fruits and vegetables
  • Reasonably priced in comparison to cutting boards
  • Never ever would dull your knives unlike the plastic cutting boards


  • It was very difficult to find anything negative about this one at least.

3- # 1 Perfect Wedding, housewarming, or Birthday Gift Set - Bamboo Cutting Board Best 3-Piece with kitchen and cooking utensils Wood - Wooden Spoon, Salad Tongs & spoon

This is a favorite of professionals and home chefs alike because of its resourcefulness. This is no less than bundle of happiness with a bamboo cutting board, wooden spoon, spatula and salad tong. Hands down this makes for a spot on gift for Christmas, Mother’s Day, wedding, anniversary or even housewarming. There are more pros to it like:


  • A combination of gifts
  • A two toned, elegant looking bamboo cutting board
  • Light weight cutting board
  • It is durable despite made of natural components like bamboo
  • Can fight microbes and is antibacterial and antimicrobial
  • Very safe and sanitized to work with
  • Surface is free of harmful chemicals
  • So there is no need to get worked up about BPA or any other toxic elements
  • Low on maintenance
  • Is really inexpensive in comparison to the others


  • The only problem that seems to bother is that it has to be oiled for a week before use. That plays on the patience and used to be annoying but if you want quality and reasonable pricing together, then you need to give it some time. That said, you can go ahead and invest in this quality bamboo cutting if you like.

How does a cutting board benefit you?

There are a lot many benefit of buying a quality cutting board because it not only can be hygienic but also may be long lasting. A wooden cutting board can do a lot of wonders if you ever thought of. You may have hated your mother’s chunky wood cutting board, but it is time that you recite the mantra “mommy knows best.” Remember one thing that plastic cannot outshine wood. Wood is natural and is totally safe for use, whereas this artificial fiber has to undergo a lot of processing to pass the final test of being labeled as food grade. Just give this section a thorough read to get some insight as to why should consider buying a wooden cutting board. The benefits:

  • Wooden cutting boards are safer and research has revealed that it can even kill the bacteria within a span of 3 minutes after use, whereas plastic cutting boards have clearly failed this test
  • This antimicrobial property certainly makes it super hygienic and a good to go product
  • The most important of all is that the Best Wood Cutting Board can protect your knives
  • They do not get scratched easily like a plastic cutting board that will be seen with ugly scrape marks
  • Wood is a renewable source of energy and is by all means environment friendly
  • Additionally your buying wooden cutting boards can extend support to local businesses that may be selling handcrafted chopping boards
  • These are low maintenance cutting boards provided you know how to do so
  • Following simple steps of cleaning them can make them last long

How to choose the best wood cutting board?

Since wood has been discovered to have antimicrobial properties, using wooden cutting boards are now a must do for all. Be it a professional chef or a home cook, everyone now knows the goodness of using wood cutting boards. However you need to know how to choose the right one as no one wants to end up a low quality one. We have tried our best to provide you with all the necessary information about it like this:

  • The Best Wood Cutting Board is made up of end grain which is the sturdiest of all
  • The thickness of these boards is usually 4 inches
  • This helps them endure a lot of denting, cutting, chopping and rolling
  • Again this because ensures that the board can heal any kind of cutting marks by just swelling up a little
  • All you need is to wipe it with a soft cotton cloth for this
  • Just mere oiling the board can lend it a longer shelf life
  • On the other hand edge grain boards are made by gluing (food grade glue) sheet of wood
  • Clearly, they are different from the end grain boards and so are the facilities
  • Most importantly wooden cutting boards look good

Tips for using wood cutting board

Following are a few tips that can make your life easy while learning how to work with wood cutting boards. Nevertheless, one thing that you need to remember is to change your cutting boards when they develop big grooves. Bacteria can proliferate into these grooves and you should change them as they start appearing.

  • Wash your boards with warm soapy solution to remove all the juices
  • Never put a wooden cutting board into a dishwasher
  • Do not ever leave them to soak under water under no circumstance
  • Occasionally spray them with vinegar as that keeps it sterilized
  • Let them air dry and store only if you think they have completely dried out
  • Rub lemon or vinegar to sanitize the board and this will keep it odor free too
  • Make sure your knives are sharp
  • Do not cross contaminate, which means keep two cutting boards, one for meat and the other for vegetables
  • Keep your work area clean by wiping while you cook
  • Wash hands as many times as possible as this makes it more hygienic
  • Stay away from sponges as they make the area or cutting boards in this case moist, that may fall prey to microbes
  • Go organic and invest in farm fresh vegetables to avoid contamination

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Now, that you know so much about the Best Wood Cutting Board, it must be noted that you need something that lasts long. If you are thinking to pass down it as a legacy to your children and then grandchildren, then you should keep it well maintained. On the hand, you should invest in a quality cutting board and remember quality comes for a price!

Here Is A Buying Guide To Best Wood Cutting Board
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