How You Can Fill Your Kitchen With Positive Energy?

It is quite a possibility that you have walked into a room that is well organized and completely in sync. This shows how happy the person is, who inhabits this room and they are contented with their life. If you too want to decorate a particular part of your house or the whole house, then you should get it done. If truth may be told, one such section of the house that does not much of an attention is the kitchen and we seldom think about creating an aura around it. If you spend most of your waking hours in there, then it is high time that consider filling it with some positive energy to invigorate the atmosphere. Here are a few ideas that can help you understand this question better-How you can fill Your Kitchen with Positive Energy.

Fill Your Kitchen with Positive Energy

If you really want to fill your kitchen with positive energy then consider spreading love and caring for each family member separately. Talk to them and get involved as this is one way to start bringing in that aura. Love and affection are two major weapons to put up a fight against negativity in life without a doubt. Here are some more effective ways that can be used to remove negativity and bring in fresh new energy that will prove t be good for all:

  • Air and light – Keep your kitchen ventilated as this will not only drive out the fumes and odor, but also remove negative energy from building up. In addition to this you should brighten up your kitchen with proper lighting. This is because dim lighting can make the area look cramped, dingy and shady. You can also use natural light which is the best healer to do this. You can wash the windows with simple white vinegar and let fresh air take care of the rest. In fact, lighting up this part of the house would mean to be more inviting. This can make a huge difference to your kitchen immediately.
  • Choosing the right color – It has been long established that colors affect our mood. In fact choosing the right color can certainly bring out the best in us and the same goes for the color of your kitchen too. So painting the kitchen with a lighter hue can help light to bounce and this can help you cheer up your kitchen on a positive note.
  • Essential oils and incense sticks– Adding a few drops of essential oils to your daily cleaning can lift your mood. Essential oils have the ability to calm your nerves, soothe your senses and energize you thoroughly. The same goes with incense sticks that can cleanse the air instantaneously. You can place them in a corner and let them do the rest for you. This is the reason why these are widely used to clarify the surrounding air at therapies and spas. You can use them in your kitchen and produce the same effect. Jasmine, sandalwood, rosemary or orange oil, opt for anything suits your mood and taste to get the most out of them.
  • Add salt to taste – This may come as a surprise to some, but it is true that salt can absorb negative vibes. Salt has more power than play just a spice to your food. You can keep a bowl full of sea salt or kosher salt in one corner of the kitchen and see how it works. You can flush out this salt after a day and keep your kitchen cheerful. Alternatively you can also use Himalayan Salt lamps that will brighten up the kitchen as well.
  • Declutter your kitchen – Yes, we have said this so many times and we repeat this again that you need to remove all the clutter from your kitchen. No, there is no other way because you need to throw away all that is not required. It only builds up negative energy, so just get rid of things that you do not need any longer. Keep the kitchen neat and organized by taking out everything that you don’t need.
  • Crystal to energize – Ever thought about crystals to energize the place? Well you can invest in good quality crystals to bring in more positive energy. Crystals can absorb, adjust and clear negative energy. This is why they have been an age old remedy to remove negative energy from a house. For example jade is good source of fortune and health. It also can energize you with a feeling of harmony and make you more attentive. Likewise amethyst can stimulate your creativity and strike out negative entities in you. Clear quartz, tiger’s eye and rose quartz are a few more variations that you can seek refuge in.

Tips to bring in more positive energy



There are some more ways that can be used to bring more positive energy in your kitchen. You can do the following on a personal level to make things cozier in the kitchen:

  • Remove all the suspected negative elements from the kitchen
  • Create more space in the kitchen. Read more: How To Make Your Kitchen Smart And Organized?
  • Introduce plants to your kitchen like clover according to the Irish or bamboo as per the Chinese that bring in luck and harmony
  • Use white sage for keeping negativity at a bay
  • Take refuge in aroma therapy because all of like to walk into a room that smells good and you can do the same for your kitchen too
  • Be disciplined to bring more grounding

Now that you know so much about How you can fill Your Kitchen with Positive Energy, go take some actions. Point is, go ahead and make small changes that will load the place with positive energy. Truth is, we all spend quality time in the kitchen and if you have a dine-in kitchen, then all the more you need to make your family feel the warmth. What are you waiting for?

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How You Can Fill Your Kitchen With Positive Energy?
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