Should You Clean Headlights With Wd40?

Are the headlights of car foggy and hazy? Boy, you must hate them like that, don’t you? So, you have decided that you will not ditch your duties and will attend to them right away. However, one look at the headlights, make you groggy thinking of the hard work.

Worry no more, as we have found an apt solution for you in WD-40. That means you can Clean Headlights With Wd40, without a doubt as against the prevalent view. Yes, but you need to be sure of using it to your potential and must not give up on it because others say so. 

Clean Headlights With Wd40 – Supplies Required

Water displacing is what the WD stands and clearly it is a silicone product. It is usually used to coat metals only, but the biggest myth that needs some busting is that it can clean. Yes, it can clean the headlights of a car as most would say it wouldn’t.

Nonetheless, we must remind you that if your coating has worn out, all your trials will indisputably go down the road. Look if you want to clean your headlights, then go head try what we are about to disclose. Here is a list of supplies that you may need to accomplish your mission:

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    Take a tube of toothpaste
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    The much loved cleaner, baking soda
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    WD-40 for polishing it clean
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    A piece of rag
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    Scouring pad for scrubbing
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    A wash cloth for wiping
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    Microfiber cloth for buffing
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    Water for rinsing

How To Clean Your Headlight Efficiently Using WD-40?

You may be astonished to find WD-40 as a cleaner in this list, but it can actually serve as one. You can follow these steps to make it happen and you will love the transformation of your headlights at once.

In order to, save some money, you can draw on this modus operandi to get a pair of cleaned headlights. Let us have a look at how can you do so.

Wipe The Headlights

This is the first thing to do because you don’t want the dead bugs, leaves, dust and grime to come your way while you are cleaning the headlights. So, what do you do then?

You clear the debris with a dry rag and then eventually start with your ultimate cleaning procedure. This is an undemanding course of action and there is nothing to worry.

Mix it All

Make a paste of toothpaste and baking soda in a bowl and then apply it on the headlights. Use the scouring pad to spread this mixture evenly over the lights.

Keep moving in a circular direction until you see this concoction turn clear. Make sure that you see the lights clearly and move on to the next step. If you don’t, then you can repeat the cleaning with the mix again.

Washing it With Water

Dampen the wash cloth with water and start wiping the lights. You will notice a lot of improvement at this stage as the cloudiness of the lights would have been removed by this time. Adhering to this routine will only bring out the best of your efforts.

With that said, we would like you to know that you must clear the headlights the proper way. You must take care that you do this the right way.

Buffing It

Now, if you want to polish it to add a shine to it, then comes the most part you must have been waiting for. Yes, work the WD-40 solution into the headlights and put the microfiber cloth to good use.

Keep buffing with till you know it is time. So, there you go, these are simple steps to employ while trying to get your headlights cleaned. Aren’t they?


We have almost stated everything we could in regards to using WD-40 to clean the headlights of your car. We would like to add one thing here that the more you ask about how to Clean Headlights With Wd40, the more confused you will be.

We suggest you to simply start from somewhere with your cleaning process. Just go with it and don’t worry about it. We hope you have liked our endeavor in this respect and we would appreciate some valuable comments coming our way. 

Should You Clean Headlights With Wd40?
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