Cleaning Engineered Hardwood Floor Effectively

Are you worried about your carefully selected engineered hardwood floor? Do you often think about how to clean it on a regular basis? Don’t worry; we have got you covered, if you have these disturbing thoughts running in your mind all the time.

You may be wondering how we would actually help you for cleaning Engineered Hardwood Floor. Come on, this is 2017 and you need to stop worrying so much about cleaning your floor in the least.

We have tons of ways to help and we have shared some in this post. Make sure that you read this till the end to get the maximum out of it.

What Do You Need for Cleaning Engineered Hardwood Floor?


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Chances are high that you may be thinking we have a never-ending list of things for you for doing this competently. Sorry to disappoint you, but we don’t! No, really we mean, we do not have an elaborate list that will make you stop reading this post at once.

On the contrary, after having read too much about cleaning your engineered hardwood floors, you will be surprised to read this list. Without wasting much of your time, let us begin with the list. This is for real and we are not hiding anything from you in the least today.

Vacuum Cleaner


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Although, this is not a necessity, yet you can keep one and we would say that most households have one. You could use this to vacuum your floor once a week like the rule of the thumb.



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Don’t you believe this is an absolutely necessity as a hardwood floor owner, let alone an engineered one? This is the cheapest solution for any hardwood floor owner and you need to use it to sweep the dust away on a regular basis.

Bucket of Water


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You surely need to mop the floor after sweeping it, don’t you? A bucket of plain water will be your best friend while maintaining an engineered hardwood floor for sure. There is no other alternative that you can trust but simple water to keep your floor clean.

Microfiber Mop


These days, you get microfiber mops that can make a lot of difference. You can straight away sweep with these mops, as they serve the purpose of a mop as well as a broom. Irrespective of your usage, you will find them to collect dust and hair (i.e. if you have pets, you will know what we mean) quite effectively.

Microfiber Cloth


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Using a microfiber over rags is a smart way of keeping up with your cleaning supplies. This is a must have for cleaning those spills quickly. You need to make sure that you do not leave any spill as the floor will get stained as these floors are susceptible to water damage in case of prolonged use.

Liquid Cleaner


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Just choose the one that clearly states could be used for engineered hardwood floors only. Otherwise, it could prove to be fatal for your floor.

How To Clean Engineered Hardwood Floor?


Remember one thing that engineered hardwood has multiple layers of wood veneer that has been bonded well. It could be plank or may be parquet, you need to maintain them well. Point is hardwood floors are made from wood and they need to be taken care of.

Another fact is needs to be made clear that of these floors need regular cleaning. Yes, it may sound absolutely boring, monotonous and tedious, but this is a necessity. You cannot escape it because these floors tend to get stained easily and the dirty blotches do not add to its luster for sure.

You need to do something for them on a daily basis and that is the truth. All hardwood floor owners know about and they invest in it knowing what they are getting into.

Here is a set of things that you can do for your engineered hardwood floor.

Keep Dirt Off

This is a must for all hardwood, laminate and ceramic floor owners that they keep the dirt off their floor. Dust can cause heavy damages in the long run to your floor, if you allow it to accumulate. This is why the best thing to do would be to clean your floor regularly.

Vacuuming Can Help

This is why we suggest that you vacuum your floor every day. Just ensure that you turn off the rotating bar from scratching your floor. There is no point scuffing your floor’s veneer like this to be very honest. You know your settings well, we advise you to do it accordingly.

Sweep It Across

Use a broom, even if you have a vacuum cleaner, and if not, then using a broom is going to be the best resort for your floor. Sweeping the floor before vacuuming will doubly ensure you of cleaning your floor. Sweeping can really keep your engineered hardwood floor in good shape.

Trust us, we speak from experience and we have always kept our floors well swept because of this. It keeps the floor free of dirt, dust and grime if not anything else.

Mop It Up

A microfiber cloth will keep your floor neat. Additionally, it will not risk it getting scraped because of deposited debris. Mopping your floor with plain water will make sure that you keep it odorless as well. A microfiber cloth will remove pet hair, dust, grime and dirt primarily off your floor.

Yes, but you need to keep one thing in mind that you need to wring out the water completely from the mop. The cloth should be damp and not sopping with water. Again, excess amount of water can cause damage to your engineered hardwood floor.

Tips on Cleaning Engineered Hardwood Floor


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It may not be that easy to take care of a hardwood floor and we not saying it is. On the flip side, it is not that difficult as well. All you need is to have patience and understand what your floor requires of you.

We have a few pointers that will help you even further taking care of your hardwood floors. Read them carefully as these can break a lot of preconceived notions.

  • First of vinegar could be a good cleanser, but not in this case, stay away from it
  • So is ammonia and you better not invest in anything that remotely has ammonia in it for cleaning your floor
  • Please do not steam clean your engineered hardwood floor ever
  • Trash those abrasive brushes away from you, for if you ever use it on your floor, you will know your veneer is gone and is the luster as you can start counting the scratches
  • In continuation, never scrub your floor with steel wool or anything sharp
  • Wipe clean spills immediately if you want to save the veneer and grout
  • Clean liquid stains at once as they make the floor look dirty
  • Place rugs at entrances, so that people get to rub their shoes into them before entering your zone
  • Keep pet nails trimmed, if you have pets to save the floor from unnecessary scratches
  • Most importantly, avoid walking with shoes all over the place and keep your heels away
  • While mopping clean it following the wood grain as this will help you remove dirt from crevices too
  • Use proper humidity control if live in a humid area as this will add to its longevity
  • Generally speaking, if a product is considered good for hardwood floors, then it is equally good for your engineered hardwood floor
  • Always use soft water or may be special hardwood cleaners for Cleaning Engineered Hardwood Floor as hard water can make your floor dull
  • Keep your floor protected from UV rays in the best possible ways

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To be honest, we have heard some noise regarding cleaning an engineered hardwood floor. Trust we didn’t like what was being shared on some of the platforms. That is why we took things in our hands to clarify that it is no rocket science to take care of your engineered hardwood floors at all.

It is true that you can make great achievements with small ventures and this is one such case. Just keep it simple and you will get the results you expected. Hope you have liked our earnest endeavor for Cleaning Engineered Hardwood Floor. If you have anything further to add to this, then we would request you to share it with us through the comments section.

Cleaning Engineered Hardwood Floor Effectively
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