Closed Vs Open Kitchen Design? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Talking about open and closed kitchen designs is like singing the rhyme ‘pease pudding.’ “Some like it hot, some like cold” and ditto is the case with kitchen designs; some like it closed and some like it open. You are your best judge and we know you are smart to make that choice. However if the argument has to be answered about closed vs open kitchen Design, then consider reading the rest of this post as it will enlighten about the whole thing.



What is the deal about closed vs open kitchen Design?

Let us have a look at both these designs separately as that will give us a better understanding about what they are like. On examination you will know which one to choose and there is no need to get confused with the two.

Closed kitchen

In the past kitchens were considered to be a serious workplace, but the best place for them was the back of the house. Not to mention, this concept has changed and thanks to the celebrity chefs who have put an end to this thought. The cooking shows and to the changing mentality of people that kitchens can be designed in a better way has surpassed this notion long back. However the age old perception of kitchen to be walled for privacy has not left the minds of many. Most people do not want their guests to peek into their messy cooking world. Here are a few of the advantages of closed kitchens:


  • If you are totally a private person, then closed kitchen is your thing
  • Like to work without any distraction, then it should be first choice
  • Confine unpleasant sounds of the kitchen
  • No need of troubling all your family members with nasty smells of the kitchen (especially of the garbage stink)
  • There is no denying the fact that you can use the walls for creating more cabinets and counters
  • You can offer a formal dining experience
  • Can hide messes easily
  • Is not that expensive to maintain


  • Ventilation and natural light passage can be a problem with some
  • The cook may feel segregated from the house

Open kitchen



This is more of a stylish design and had been a craze ever since the 1990’s. It can be integrated into any room and you are free to decide which room you want your kitchen to be a part of. It is open, which means it does not have walls, may be is walled on one side only. This kind of architecture makes cooking fun and can be really interesting if organized well. Let us have a look at some of the benefits of open kitchen in details:

  • This is hands down brighter than closed kitchen because air and light pass through it properly
  • Prepping a meal becomes fun as you can enjoy with your family and loved ones
  • The cook can actively take part in family discussions, watch television or play with pets
  • This is more of entertainer as you can talk to your guests while cooking
  • An open kitchen is more informal as you are constantly in touch with your loved ones
  • It can serve as a showcase of your great taste for the handpicked crockery sets including pots and pans
  • It makes your house or apartment look bigger as it does not cramp up the space with needless walls
  • You can play and keep an eye on your kids while cooking
  • Investing in smart appliances that produce less sound can be a good idea
  • The aroma of your cooking can “fill up the senses” like a spoonful of yummy meal


  • Can blow off your privacy forever
  • Unpleasant sounds of the kitchen appliance can make the ambient of the whole room noisy
  • Can be expensive as you may need to install free standing counters
  • May look casual to some

Incorporating the best of both worlds

Is it possible to get a mix of the best features of these kinds? The answer is yes, it is and there are no doubts about the fact that there is a middle way you can always work out. We have propagated a few ways that you can implement to get the most out of your kitchen:

  • You can think about installing a pass through window because this can serve as a connector
  • How about the French swinging doors? They are a good alternative too along with pocket doors
  • Ever thought of sliding barn door? This could be a better way to make up for that space
  • Raising the height of your kitchen can be a good idea, especially for an open kitchen as this will create a platform like structure to keep a little apart
  • The smartest would be to arrange seating in such a way that guests sit with their back towards the kitchen
  • To fight with the smells of the kitchen, put up vents in the room to get rid of the unwanted smells
  • Again in case of a closed kitchen putting up a glass partition can be a great idea as this will help light and air to pass through quite easily
  • You can use folding furniture to talk to your family while cooking in case you have a closed kitchen

Different people have different needs and they know what suits them best. So is the case with closed vs open kitchen Design as we believe by now you have sorted that out. This post was our earnest endeavor towards educating our readers about the advantages and disadvantages of closed and open kitchens. Hope you have liked our attempt as we have put everything we could do with sincerity. We would be bringing more to you, just keep reading them as this will certainly help you organize your kitchen in a useful way.

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Closed Vs Open Kitchen Design? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart
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