How Does Clean And Clear Work To Fight Acne Blemishes?

Suffering from pimples, acne or blemishes? Isn’t it really irritating that you can’t go to a party just because of acne on your face? To get rid of this embarrassment and enjoy this festive season, let’s try the Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit.

It’s a perfect remedy to the acne and it removes extra oil from your face, preventing new acne to form. So, let’s discuss how does Clean and Clear work to fight acne?

What You Will Need

In order to leave your skin looking and feeling great, you must opt for this blemish control kit. The Johnson & Johnson manufactured Clean and Clear acne treatment kit contains different items like moisturizer, cleanser, and face clearing spot gel as well.

These all products work perfectly to meet your facial needs when you are a victim of acne and blemishes. In order to get a perfect result from this acne treatment kit, let us summarize the products you will need to fight the acne:

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    Acne Control Cleanser
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    Acne Control Moisturizer
  • asterisk
    Face Clearing Spot Gel Treatment
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    Fresh and lukewarm water
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    A towel

Step-by-Step Instructions

Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit is a magical facial kit that works amazingly to fight the blemishes. You are recommended to apply the whole process once a day at first. But when you find your skin getting improved day by day, you can increase the daily application to 2-3 times. Note that a dry or peeling skin is normal.

If you notice irritation on your skin, you can reduce your applications. Using Face Clearing Spot Treatment is required only when you find spots on your face.

Step-1: Cleansing Your Face

In order to get rid of extra oil and dirt from your face, you must apply the cleanser at first. Wash your face with the Acne Control Cleanser. Firstly, wet your skin with water and massage this cleanser over the whole face, but don’t apply on your eyes. The Clean and Clear cleanser contains salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide which are really effective to fight against blackheads and whiteheads and acne on the face.

Use this cleanser only once every day until the skin acclimates. After some days you can start applying it twice a day. After applying cleanser and massaging for 2-3 minutes, rinse your face with lukewarm water and gently pat the skin dry using a clean towel.

Step-2: Moisturizing The Face

Your skin needs to be hydrated and for which you must apply a thin layer of Acne Control Moisturize over the whole face. The moisturizer will help prevent new acne from growing, while also treating the present acne on your face simultaneously. Along with cleanser, you can start applying this also once a day and after some time, twice a day.

Here you need to note that the moisturizer consists of salicylic acid but no sunscreen; so it doesn’t play the role of a sun protector sufficiently. Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide make the skin really sensitive to the UV rays. Ensure to use an SPF-25 or higher which will not clog the pores.

Step-3: Treating Acne Spots

The third step of the Clean and Clear acne treatment is applying a thin layer of the Face Clearing Spot Treatment to the affected areas of your face only. It simply dissolves the excess oils and encourages the renewal of cells as well. This product contains salicylic acid, witch hazel, alcohol, Atlantica bark extract, and glycerin.

Although the bark extract sounds really oh-so-natural and appealing, it’s actually a fragrance only. Take a little amount of this Spot gel to your index finger and then smoothly apply it over the pimples. Simply avoid areas of broken skin, lips with no acne, eyes, as this treatment can be very drying, in accordance with the instructions stated on the package.


Does Clean and Clear work? Some people wonder it who finds the products overly drying. The teenagers who have combination or oily skin are the happiest customers of the Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Control Treatment. Nevertheless, the kit offers fast cell renewal.

So, you can apply these products for drying up your pimples within 1 or 2 days. So, what are you waiting for? Apply these products and share your experience in the comment section below.

How Does Clean And Clear Work To Fight Acne Blemishes?
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  • Updated April 11, 2018
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