How To Clean A Bong Without Alcohol?

Do you smoke the hell out of your bong? Are you wondering how can you keep it clean? Consider yourself lucky as you have reached the right place to find all the answers.

Today, we discuss about How to clean a bong without alcohol in an effective way. Read on to know more as we clear all the misconceptions away with this post once and for all. Pay attention to what is coming your way!

How To Clean A Bong Without Alcohol Efficiently?

That is correct, that is why most people would like to clean their bongs in the first place. However, if you have an acrylic bong or even those with glass and wooden bongs, may try to avoid alcohol for cleaning, what do you then?

Worry no more, we have all the solution and here is what you will require if not using alcohol:

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    A tub or sink – The most important of all, as you will be washing the bong somewhere, better make use of one.
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    Salt or rice – Yes, you can use either of these to scrub off the resin and both are natural, yet not abrasive. The last thing that you may want is to scratch or damage your bong with coarse cleaners.
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    Mouthwash – Of course, you can use mouthwash to clean your bong in case, you are avoiding alcohol completely. This is the cleaner that will take care of your acrylic bong without a doubt. You can clean glass bongs with this as well and as far as wood is concerned, you can do with simple hot water.
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    Hot water – Another item of necessity for cleaning your bong and you must keep some handy.

The Cleaning Process 


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You enjoy better taste, aroma and flavor out of a clean bong and there is no beating that! This is why people invest their time and make an effort to clean their bongs to be honest. So, how would clean your bong? Let us find out more about it, but this time in details. 


Take it to the sink and then rinse all the parts of the bong separately. Please don’t be lazy and make sure that you do it properly. Like a thorough cleaning is a must and if you really want to know How to clean a bong without alcohol in reality.

Add Mouthwash

The best thing to do would be to add a generous amount of mouthwash to your bong. You can soak your bong and let it sit for some time for best results. Then you could throw in the salt or rice and give it a nice shake.

This will scour off the resin and help you restore the purity of your bong. Remember to cover the stem and the tube with your hands or you can use cotton cloth for the same. 

Final Cleansing

No matter, how hard you try, you may see some nooks and crannies are going to remain unclean. What do you do then? Simple, just run some hot water through your bong and you will know what we mean. That will be the final straw to be broken on the camel’s back. Voila! You will have a clean bong in your hands without a doubt after this. 

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Tips On Further Cleaning

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    Did you know you can use a degreaser for cleaning bongs (especially the plastic ones)
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    You can use coke for cleaning a bong and this is true
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    Avoid using nail polish remover as it is harmful 
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    Store your bong empty (without water)
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    You can use external ash catchers to keep the bong clean
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    If you want your bong to smell fresh, then add a few (mild) drops of lemon to it and see the magic


Hope you have enjoyed this read about How to clean a bong without alcohol for now. We would like you to share some of your insights about this through the comments sections for sure.

What we would want you to remember the tips and suggestions that we have made in this article for cleaning your bong. Take them seriously and if you are an avid smoker then all the more you would know the importance of keeping it sparkling. 

How To Clean A Bong Without Alcohol?
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  • Updated April 11, 2018
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