How To Clean A Mattress?

The mattress is one of the useful thin present in every room. We see beautiful dreams only because of the mattress that reduces our stress and gives us a comfortable sleep. We can also say that mattress are the soul of a bed.

Habitual Cleaning

The mattress is the place where we sleep daily, so we should prefer to sleep in clean and comfortable place so it is preferable that we should clean the mattress on the weekly basis otherwise once in 14 days. We can use the vacuum machine to clean the mattress. The mattress will be more attractive if it will be stainless and free of dirt. We can also use an upholstery cleaner it can easily remove the dust mites and also their refuse. We can also use the cleaner which is named as the enzyme cleaner. It is the best tool to remove the stains.

Anonymous Mattress Stains

Citrus type cleaners are the best solution for such kind of stains that can easily remove all such kinds of anonymous stains very easily. We can also use the mild dish detergents for the sake of removing the toughest stains.

Stains Of Blood

Stains of blood can easily be removed with the help of hydrogen peroxide, by simply applying it on the mark and blot it at the same time as it is bubbling. It may not remove complete mark, but it will lessen the stains defiantly. But there is a precaution to clean the stain is  that the cloth by which we can go to clean must be clean, white and dirt free otherwise it will increase the mark of stain instead of removing it. We can also remove the stains with the help of baking soda solution. Baking soda is also used for whitening the teeth so it is also helping us out in this portion to remove the stains from the mattress.

We can make a baking soda solution by adding one part of the baking soda and two parts of the cold water. Simply apply it on the stain with the clean cloth and let it dry for the next 30 minutes. After that we can use the dry towel to absorb all the moisture.

We can also use the detergent to clean the stains, by adding 1 tablespoon of the good brand of detergent and two parts of the cold water and mix it properly, after that soak a white colored cloth and apply it in the area of the mark we can also use the toothbrush on that specific area to clean the stains.

Removal of cigarette odor.

We can use the same methods, all of the methods which we have discussed above, the difference is that we will apply the solution all over the mattress. Rub the solution by the clean white colored cloth all over the mattress to remove the bad odor of the cigarette from the mattress. These all are the useful tips which we discussed above that can help out for sure to clean the mattress.

How To Clean A Mattress?
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Alfredo Kingrey - April 26, 2016

I have enjoyed your publish. Thank you for sharing your insights. I am usually seeking for new suggestions and methods to progress my company.

Jennifer Mcbride - July 5, 2016

Thanks for sharing these awesome tips! I have been using these methods too and these work really great! have you tried lysol and lemon? it does the job too.

    Harold - July 5, 2016

    I will try and verify the use of Lysol and lemon. Thank you for comment!


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