How to Clean A Window Air Conditioner Without Removing It?

Are you worried about your air conditioner? Is it not cooling up to the standards? Then it is time that you clean it as it may have clogged fins and coils which may need scouring. Now, we know you are thinking of how to clean a window air conditioner without removing it.

No worries, we have a solution for you in here, read the rest of this post till the end and see how it can be of help. All we can tell you at this point is that you must clean your air conditioner once a month and thorough clean it per year. This will not only make it more efficient, but also help it last long.

Things needed - How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner without removing it

So, now that you have decided to clean the air conditioner, you may be wondering where you should start. Don’t you? Yes, we know you are really inquisitive to know about the supplies required to clean your conditioner.

It goes without saying that you will be surprised to know about the provisions because they are very much available at your house all the time. Here is a small list of the materials that you may need for this:

  • Tap water
  • A bucket of water
  • Mild detergent or soap solution
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Nylon scouring pads
  • Dry towel

How to actually Clean your Air Conditioner without dismantling it?

There is no specific of cleaning if you are not going for a deep cleaning. You can try a few of the below mentioned things to clean your air conditioning machine. You can try some of these methods on a monthly basis and some of them can prove to be really a handy process. 

Washing the filter

Most people will tell you to clean your filters once a month, but we beg to differ and advice you to clean them whenever there is a necessity. This means your house may be located along road, in that case, you may need more dust penetrating your rooms than anyone else. You may need more to wash the filter more often. This is how to do it:

  • Make sure you consult your manual if you do not have the slightest as to how to remove the grill and the filter
  • Pop open the front grill and of course you must wipe it before you do so, if required
  • Take out the mesh net filter and straight away dip it into running water
  • You may also make use of a bucket and fill it with mild detergent
  • You can make use of a nylon scouring pad to gently wash the dirt and grime off the filter
  • Pat it with a dry towel to softly squeeze out the excess water 
  • Let it dry completely under sunlight and see once it dries up
  • Replace it back into its place 

Removing mildew

If you smell mildew, when you turn on your air conditioner, you must take the challenge of cleaning at once. How do you do it? Here is a simple way to do it, but it guarantees the best solution for a mildew filled A.C.

  • Fill a bottle with hydrogen peroxide 
  • Okay, turn off you’re A.C. from its power
  • Spray on the intake area in the front of your air conditioning device
  • Do this carefully and avoid getting being sprayed in your eyes
  • The fumes are hazardous
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after this
  • Let your unit dry up completely before you switch it on
  • You can allow it a night’s time to dry up
  • check-square-o
    Avoid using alcohol instead of hydrogen peroxide as it is flammable


Remember, the most important thing is to let your unit dry after cleaning. You can opt for any of the above mentioned ways, but you must let it air dry. This is a significant part of this lesson, how to clean a window air conditioner without removing it. Hope you like our hard work that we have put up as a comprehensive post. Do let us know how you feel via the comments section. 

How to Clean A Window Air Conditioner Without Removing It?
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  • Updated March 7, 2019
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