How to Clean Brighton Jewelry?

Are you a proud owner of a Brighton piece? Do you cherish the fact that you have one, but are looking for ways to maintain it? In case, you do then you must consider yourself lucky as you have reached the right place for all the information. Let us start with a brief introduction to what this brand is all about. Brighton was founded in 1991 and ever since then it has never looked back.

Their jewelry is made from alloys of zinc or bronze and then plated with silver. A protective layer of lacquer is used to secure the jewelry. Now, how to clean brighton jewelry could be a big issue for its connoisseurs and we are glad to have brought up a few solutions. 

Supplies for - how to clean brighton jewelry

Yes, how can you clean jewelry without actually causing them some damage? Well, there are many ways of doing so. You may have to do this within equal time intervals but make sure that you clean your jewelry all the time to make them last long. Here is a list of supplies that you may need to keep your jewelry clean in the long run. 

  • 100% cotton cloth (dry)
  • Felt bag or jewelry box

Yes, that is all you need with a dash of patience to keep things for best results. Brighton makes sure that they make superior quality jewelry that does not demand much of your time. 

How to clean Brighton

Cleaning your jewelry could seem to be a tad difficult job. Most women make this mistake of not taking care of their prized possessions which means wearing dirty jewelry again and again. This is not hygienic and you must always care for your valued belongings. Shouldn’t you? Are we wrong in saying so?

Now, we are not and we know you also feel the same way, which is why you are reading this. Below are a few ways that you can actually ensure that your jewelry stays neat and looks good too.

Wiping them properly

This is the first thing that you must do and this should never skip your mind. Why? This is because your jewelry needs a dry wiping with a soft cotton cloth every time you take them off. It has already faced a lot of environmental factors, sweat, grime and dirt. You must wipe all these off your valuables to make sure that they serve you long. 

Tuck them away

That is correct, your jewelry needs to be packed in and kept away when not in use. An investment like Brighton certainly calls for a much civilized behavior. You must tuck it away when not in use to assure that they endure for long. You may alternatively store them in a felt bag or a jewelry box.

Wear them last

Yes, and this makes sense, because if you want to protect them all the makeup and perfume, then you must wear them at last. They should be the last you wear all the hairspray and chemicals. This will most definitely help them continue the way they are. 

What not to do with a Brighton

There is a list of things that you should not do when wearing your expensive jewelry and their official website also agrees with this: 

  • Never spray perform, hairspray or other products when wearing your jewelry
  • Avoid applying lotions when wearing them
  • Stay away from hand sanitizers with a Brighton
  • Most importantly, do not go nearby to water 
  • Do not use silver cleaners or treating polishes 
  • Prevent wearing them during a workout session
  • You should not swim with a Brighton either
  • Do not throw away your old jewelry, instead rub them with a cotton cloth and see them sparkle with same sheen when they were new


Brighton is a name brand that has made its mark ever since its inception. If you are looking for how to clean brighton jewelry then you must be careful about using your jewelry with awareness. It may be a piece of jewelry but it needs equal care like you do! What are you waiting for? Go on and make use of the above mentioned tips right away.

How to Clean Brighton Jewelry?
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