How to Clean Catalytic Converter without Removing?

What do you understand by a catalytic converter? Most people have a rough idea and they do not know whether they clean this piece of equipment or not. A catalytic converter is a device that converts the toxic pollutants from the exhaust gases by what is called redox reaction. A redox reaction is a combination of reduction and oxidation reaction.

These converters can be found in wood stoves to car emissions system. So, if you want to know about how to clean catalytic converter without removing, then you must be told that you have reached right place for that. Read on to know more.

Supplies needed - How to clean Catalytic Converter without removing 

Like all gadgets, a catalytic converter also needs a thorough cleaning. Although, most theorists would ask you to replace it once you notice any kind of problem with it, yet we would recommend you to try this approach.

Of course, it is your choice and you get to decide whether to change or clean it. Nonetheless, we would still request you to give this method a try if you please. Here is a small list of things that you may need to clean it:

  • Soft cotton cloth or rags
  • Catalytic Converter Cleaner

The Process of cleaning

An unclean catalytic converter means lower mileage in cars and more harmful emissions. This is why most people want it to be replaced, but our point is if you can save a little by cleaning, why purchase a new converter? We would like to add that there is no need your converter and you can clean without removing it. Follow these steps of cleaning your device:

Safety first

Even if, you are not removing the catalytic converter; one must take all the safety precautions. Make sure that you stand at a safe distance away while pouring the cleaner. You must also check on the gallons of gas while cleaning like this. 

Pour the cleaner

Once you notice there are 4 gallons of gas in the tank, you must pour the cleaner into it. The amount varies as per the brand of your car. Use the rags to wipe off any extra solution that may spill out. Let the solution blend on its own and all you need is to drive for 10 miles or till the tank reaches the “E” mark.


After, this you can refill your gas tank and drive away to your destination. This time you will notice a smoother drive down with lesser emissions. Wasn’t that wonderful? Yes, it as simple as it sounds and you can try this to clean your catalytic converter once at least. 

Tips to save your catalytic converter 

If you are looking for an answer to how to clean catalytic converter without removing, then you can take these few pointers into consideration:

  • Stop unnecessarily running your engine as this will save the life span 
  • This will also stop it from melting due to overheating
  • If you notice bluish smoke coming right out of your exhaust pipes, then you must look into the matter at once
  • Fix the exhaust leaks and can examine your EGR valves as well
  • In other words, inspect your converter, valves and pipes on a regular basis for seepage
  • Most importantly, install a new converter (if you are replacing it) in place

If you think, you must seek professional help if you find it difficult to do it by yourself. There is no need to put your car at stake if you find it uncomfortable to work on your own. Remember, there always a plan B, so be happy! 


Overall, we must tell you that knowing about these converters can make you a lot more conversant. So, you should read more reviews like this to get a hang of things before you start with your cleaning. If possible watch a few videos about how to clean catalytic converter without removing and it should do for now.

Once you are convinced that you are confident to go ahead with the cleaning; then you must render it. Fire up more questions in this regards via the comments section if you think missed on anything in particular in this post. 

How to Clean Catalytic Converter without Removing?
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  • Updated April 11, 2018
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