How to Clean Fingerprints Off Laptop?

Do want to know how to clean fingerprints off laptop and keep it sparkling clean? Well here is an easy tutorial that will help you do that. All you have to is exercise some patience and follow all the tips mentioned in the tutorial very carefully.

Items that You Will Need - How to Clean Fingerprints Off Laptop

Use a cloth that is made of microfiber:

This fabric is ideal for cleaning a laptop as it does have any lint and it is very soft. If you think of using any other material such as old vests and t shirt they tend to leave back lint of the laptop

Cleaning solution:

There are various cleaning kits available in the market, you should pick the one that is mild and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Soft cotton wool:

There are certain kinds of cotton wool that are extremely soft and can be used to clean the keyboard area really well. However you must make sure not to put too much pressure on the laptop. This is very essential if you want know How To Clean Fingerprints Off Laptop properly

A Complete Guide on Cleaning The Laptop of Fingerprints

Cleaning finger prints from a laptop is not difficult at all provided you follow the tips mentioned in the tutorial to the fullest. You also have to be a little patient as some fingerprints maybe a little stubborn to remove. Here are the tips that you can follow.

Following the basics

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    Firstly you have to start out by switching of the laptop
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    Then unplug it from the power source
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    Prepare the cleaning liquid; detergent and water in 1:5 ratio
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    Take a sponge and soak it in the soap water nicely.
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    Wring the sponge well till it is completely dry and then wipe the case
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    Finish the job by wiping the case with a cloth that is lint free.

​Wiping the laptop with a cloth

While using a cloth you should be very gentle and not use too much of pressure, one gentle stroke will remove any loose particles and dust present on the surface of the screen.

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    Use circular motion without any pressure this will help to remove the fingerprints very well
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    Avoid scrubbing the screen as it may give rise to pixel burnout

​Clean the laptop with a cleaning solution

Like always for this too you will need to turn the laptop off and unplug it from the power source. Here is how to do a fine job with a cleaning solution.

​Make a mild cleaning solution:

The best choice would be distilled water devoid of harsh chemicals; you may add some white vinegar if you want. Add water and vinegar in 1:1 ratio.

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    You have must use only white vinegar and not any apple cider
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    Distilled water would be a better choice that water from the tap as it does not have any chemicals
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    Any cleaner without alcohol will be ideal to clean fingerprints.
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    You can put some of the cleaning agent on a sponge or cloth and scrub the laptop gently while removing finger prints.

​Using an atomizer bottle to spray the cleaning solution

This is very similar to a perfume bottle and you can effectively spray the cleaning solution on to the surface of the laptop and then use a sponge or cloth and gently wipe the surface. You can use this technique for the keyboard but do not use this on the screen.

You can use the cleaning solution to wash the frame of the laptop too, if the area near the screen is dirty you must gently wipe the area using a good cloth. However do not use very aggressive force as it could damage the screen.


Well here is all the information you need to know about how to clean fingerprints off laptop; hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Follow al the steps mentioned here very carefully if you want great results. Clean your laptop gently and do not apply any force.

A lot of users do not even have the information provided in the tutorial so they end up damaging their laptop. However with some caution you can avoid that.

How to Clean Fingerprints Off Laptop?
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  • Updated April 11, 2018
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