How To Clean Glasses Cloth Without Spoiling Them?

Do you wear glasses? Then you must know the difference between stained and clean glasses, right? However, in order to abstain from this inconvenience, the glasses cloth has been invented. But have you ever thought that this cloth piece also requires cleaning?

Eyeglass cloths are basically made of microfiber fabric which doesn’t permit the delicate glass surface for scratching. Additionally cleaning glasses cloths themselves are not tricky also. So, here we will discuss how to clean glasses cloths easily.

What You Will Need

You can clean glasses cloths through hand wash either individually or alongside many other microfiber glasses cloths. You should not use a powdered detergent. Using warm water you can easily remove the oils and dirt from the eyeglasses cloths.

You should opt for the hand wash process and should not go with the option of the washing machine. Let’s check out the products you will need to clean the eyeglasses cloths properly:

  • check
    Warm water
  • check
    One or two drops of mild liquid dish soap
  • check
    Perfume free liquid detergent
  • check
    Organic soaps
  • check
    Mild cleaners like Ivory, Woolite, or Microfiber Revitalizer
  • check
    Air dryer
  • check
    A ziplock bag

Step-by-Step Cleaning Instructions


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Step-1: Wash and Dry Your Hands

When you want to clean your eyeglasses cloths, you should wash your hands and make them free from grime, dirt, lotion and everything else which can be the reason of spoiling the cloths. You can use a lint-free, clean towel, dishwashing liquid or lotion-free soap for cleaning your hands.

Step-2: Utilize Mild Cleaners

The highly advisable mild cleaners are Ivory, Woolite, and Microfiber Revitalizer which is a perfume-free and dye-free liquid detergent especially made for cleaning lens cloths. Abstain from using bleach, any fabric softener or powdered detergent as there are lots of chemicals present in these products and they trap the small fibers in the lens cloths, ruining their quality and picking more dirt. 

If you glasses cloths are spoiled by oils and dirt, you can soak them in a detergent or water solution overnight as well.

Step-3: Apply Hand Wash

You must wash the glasses cloths by your hands either along with many lens cloths or individually. You can simply utilize warm water and 2 to 3 drops of mild liquid dish soap or detergent to make a solution. Never opt for the powdered detergent. You can apply the organic soaps for cleaning the lens cloths the best-possible way. Use the soapy water for washing and cleaning the cloths nicely and safely.

If you don’t have the dishwashing liquid, you can replace it with the mild liquid soap as well. You must take care of the usage of water for washing purpose. Using warm water is always the best option as the warm water opens up the fibers in cloths, releases dirt and oils which have been built on them.

Step-4: Rinse Thoroughly

After washing the cloths with the mild cleaners, you must rinse the cloths thoroughly in clean, warm water to remove all of the soap from it. You must ensure that there is no soap left in the fibers of the cloths. Else leaving soap on the cloths can further cause streaks or scratches on your eyeglasses when next time you will use it.

Step-5: Air Dry

After rinsing your cloths thoroughly, now it’s time to dry them completely! You must allow the lens cloths to air dry for absorbing the excess water. You should not throw the cloths in the dryer, as the temperatures of dryers are excessively hot.

If you want to wash your cloths in the washing machine and dry it also using it, you can put the cloths in the washer and run it on a gentle cycle only. It is recommended to put the cloths in the dryer on the lowest setting to maintain its quality. Don’t iron the cloth as it reduces its effectiveness.

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Lens cloths don’t last forever. Still, maintaining them can make them long-lasting. These lenses should be stored safely in a ziplock bag to keep them free from dirt and dust. These come really reasonable and you can anytime change them for keeping your glasses scratch-free. Hope, applying the steps mentioned above, you can keep the eyeglass cloths clean and last for long. Do not forget to share your experiences with us in the comment box.

How To Clean Glasses Cloth Without Spoiling Them?
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