How to Clean Industrial Piercings: Safety Steps to Follow

The industrial piercing is basically a type of ear piercing, in which a straight single piece of jewelry is used for joining two different pierced holes together. Thereby, it basically implies the piercings of two upper ear cartilages where on the top of the ear one is pierced and another one is little lower, i.e. further down the cartilage.

However, it requires being done cautiously and you must follow some aftercare tips as the entire procedure is really painful, long and slow as well. Here, in this tutorial, we will be discussing how to clean industrial piercings and what you will need for that.

What you will need

Industrial piercing gives a great statement to the person who opts for it. But after having it on the ear, you must take care of it cautiously. In order to avoid infections or serious problems with this piercing, you should clean it on a frequent basis.

Also, do not forget to get pierced from a professional only to avoid any kind of issue. If you want to clean your industrial piercing, let us first show you the products you will need to do this job:

  • Warm water
  • Antibacterial soap or Sea Salt
  • Cotton Pad
  • One plastic container
  • A disposable paper towel

Step-by-step Guide

Clean your hands before touching a piercing

This is highly crucial to avoid touching a piercing if your hands are not clean. Before touching for cleaning the industrial piercing, you must wash your hands properly with warm water and soap. Ensure to wash your hands for minimum 20 seconds after lathering and next you can rinse with warm water.

Run lukewarm water over the piercing

With your head under a faucet or in the shower, run lukewarm water on the ear for at least 30 seconds. The dried skin or the crusty areas which have formed since your last cleaning will be loosened up with this process.

​Utilize your fingers for cleaning the piercing

Lather warm water and antibacterial soap together using your hands. Use your fingers for covering the metal rod with the soapy solution and next twist the piercings around many times. Utilize your fingers for working the antibacterial soap behind the metal rod inside of your ear and also around the pierced holes for minimum 3 minutes.

You can also use a clean, plastic container which can bear the heat of hot water. Add one teaspoon of sea salt to that container and then fill it with hot water. You can allow this mixture for cooling as it’s really hot.

​Submerge your ear in the water

Once you have applied the antibacterial soap or seal salt solution around the piercing now you need to submerge your ear in the cool water. Try to submerge the ear totally in the water and sit for at least 5 minutes.

​You can rather use a cotton pad to soak

If you can submerge your ear entirely, try to clean the piercing using a cotton pad. Soak the cotton pad in the antibacterial soap or sea salt solution and then apply it to the ear for at least 5 minutes.

​Rinse and allow the piercing to air dry

After you have cleaned the piercing for 3 minutes with the antibacterial soap or just have soaked it in the sea salt solution for 5 minutes, now rinse the piercing and jewelry with streaming water until all the soap or salt solution is gone. Use a disposable paper towel to pat the piercing dry. Then, let it air dry fully after the soak. You should not touch the piercing amid cleaning process.

​Visit doctor if you notice an infection

Yellow discharge, red lines, or redness near the industrial piercing indicate infections. If you get the similar signs or encounter extreme pain or swelling, visit your doctor as early as possible. Do not pick at if you find crustiness around the piercing. Let the doctor examine it and handle it with care.


So, these are a few steps you need to follow if you are wondering how to clean industrial piercings. Don’t forget to visit a doctor if you experience pain or infections. Hope, you will find these above-mentioned steps useful. And don’t forget to share your experience with us if you have applied them.

How to Clean Industrial Piercings: Safety Steps to Follow
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