How to Clean Suede Pumas?

Are worried about cleaning your suede Pumas? Okay, we get it you have a pair of those suave Pumas that steal all the attention. However, the problem arises when people realize that how hard they are to maintain. Although, this is not true because you can keep your suede shoes and clothes clean with a little care.

So, here is a post that will tell you all about how to clean suede Pumas in details. Why don’t you look give it a read for more insights? We promise we will not bore you with heavy overload of information. Just give it a go and see for yourself.

Supplies required - How to Clean Suede Pumas

You will be surprised to know that you may require quite a lot of things for cleaning your Puma suede. Be it sneakers or clothing, suede is a natural fabric made from animal skin (pig, deer or cow). This means it needs special care and you must be aware of what things clean it well.

You don’t want to damage your suede owing to a rough cleaning. We are naming a few supplies that you may need while trying to clean your suede shoes or jackets in different ways:

  • Baby wipes
  • Cotton cloth
  • Warm water
  • Toothbrush
  • Eraser
  • Vinegar

Cleaning suede Pumas

How hard is to clean suede and that to by Puma? In fact, even Puma has clearly mentioned it in their official website in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section that cleaning is a must. Be it suede, leather, nubuck or synthetic leather, you need to know how to clean suede Pumas to help them last long.

Plus don’t you think that it looks good on you? Every time you go out wearing your Puma, they should look like one and not a cheap knock off because of your laziness! Here are a few tips that can help you maintain them for good.

Removing debris

If you don’t see much of a problem on your suede Pumas, then all you need is to remove the dust, dirt and grime that it may have caught. What you need to do is to take a baby wipe and rub the buildup. This will keep it cleaner and will look shinier the next time you wear them.

Cure the splotches

Take a cotton cloth and dip into the warm water (lukewarm). Then dab this cloth on the suede shoes or jacket. Gently brush down the fabric and see how the stains water stains vanish instantly. Yes, but remember to air dry them after you finish cleaning. Never ever blow dry your suede gears to speed up the drying process, as it can bring uneven fading. 

Giving the old a new look

Just because you cannot wash suede like any other fabric that does not mean your old suede Pumas need a replacement. Of course, you are free to buy a new one if you please, but the point is you can breathe in a new life to your old suede shoes or apparel.

You need a toothbrush for this and tenderly brush in the opposite direction of the fiber. This will give restore the looks of the suede in an effortless way. 

Make the scratches disappear

You can literally erase the stain away on suede. If you see stains on your suede shoes or clothes, you can simply rub them with an eraser and watch the magic. This works for lighter stains and for deeper stains you can follow the next procedure. 

Tending old stains

Dip the cotton cloth in vinegar and pat it on the affected area. This will take care of the stain without a second thought and you will be astonished to see it disappear in no time at all. Follow it up with a wet cloth wipe for best results. 


In addition to all this, we would like to add one more point to all this that if you want to store your suede clothing, then you must do it with care. That means, if you are putting them during the summer, then you must remember to take them out and let them breathe once in a while before the next winter. With that we would like to take a leave, hoping we have answered more than you would have asked about how to clean suede Pumas. Do let us know how you liked this post through the comments section.

How to Clean Suede Pumas?
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