How to Clean White Shoelaces?

Man, are you worried about your shoe laces not touching the ground and getting dirty? If they are white, all the more you face this problem more severely and think why did you invest in these shows at all?

Don’t worry, as we have solutions for this and in case you were thinking about how to clean white shoelaces, then you have reached the right place for sure. Read this post till the end to get a hang of how things work in your favor. Just make sure that you have all the supplies in place before your start with the cleaning process.

Supplies needs - How to Clean White Shoelaces

Hands down, dirty shoe laces detract the look of your shoes and you must get the laces cleaned once in a while. For that you need some supplies as cleaning your white laces may not be that easy. So, you better get an idea as to what all you may need. 

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    A bucket of water or distilled water as you like
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    A tap is a must for any cleaning and this is no exception
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    You can also use some detergent (laundry)
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    You may also need a brush for scrubbing ( you can use a toothbrush for this)
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    Hydrogen peroxide or bleach whatever is handy (or you opt for, as you cannot get both)
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    Soft cotton cloth, rag or microfiber cloth
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    A towel could be a good idea

The Cleaning Procedure

The process may seem lengthy, but actually it is not and it is actually easy to clean your white shoe laces. Yes, believe us and if you are not convinced yet, then try it out, it is not at all complicated. Let us have a look at the procedure in details:

Wipe the Dust Off

Remove the laces from the shoes and then dust off the dirt and grime as much as you can. This is just beginning and if you start cleaning from this stage, you will reap all the benefits later. Makes sure you use a soft cotton cloth, microfiber or rag whichever sounds good for wiping.

Make the Mixture

This is the most important part of your cleaning and you must ensure that you get this right or else the whole process will be futile. In order to, make your efforts count, you must use either ½ pint of hydrogen peroxide or ¼ th cup of bleach to a gallon of water. Mix this solution well and then go to the next step.

Soak the Laces

At this stage, you must soak your white lace into this solution completely. You can leave the laces dipped into the water overnight or for a couple of hours depending on the dirt and filth deposits.

Once, you think it is time; you can make use of the toothbrush at this juncture to give the laces a little scrubbing. Don’t scrub too hard as the fibers may start dispersing, but again, make it a point that they get cleaned up.

Rinse them Well

Right, now take out your laces and bring them to the tap. Turn on the water supply and wash them thoroughly under this running water. Use the laundry detergent and scrub them a little more with the soap. Wash them with fresh water and then wring them properly. Just make certain that there is no excess water that drips from the laces. 

Air Dry

Another imperative of this cleaning would be to dry the laces under sunlight. So, hang them on a dry rack or a line dry them but you must ascertain that the laces air dry well. May be, give them another night and then see how your hard work has paid it off.


You may be thinking like others, when you can get laces for $2, why do you need go through all this? However, if buying a cheaper alternative for a high cost shoe or a designer would suffice then you are more than welcome to buy it.

Thank God for those that cleaning is a better over replacing the laces! So, if you were looking for an answer to how to clean white shoelaces, then we have provided you with all the answers. Hope you have liked it, do let us know about it via the comments section.

How to Clean White Shoelaces?
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  • Updated April 11, 2018
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