How To Clean White Sperrys: Expert Advice

Sperrys are a highly fashionable brand of boat shoes which need regular maintenance. But the question is how to clean white Sperrys. Numerous types are there like Canvas, Leather, and Suede Sperrys and every type needs different approaches of cleaning. You need to clean your Sperrys daily for the best results.

If they are highly damaged, you should clean properly for removing scuffs or stains. White Sperrys are simple, comfortable, and look really great. But they easily get dirty as well. Since they are made of cotton, they can hold stain easily. So, let’s find out the ways of cleaning your white Sperrys.

What You Will Need

Cleaning white Sperrys can be a challenging task. The yellowing which you will clean through the hand washing can occur from bleach being utilized or the glue which basically holds the shoe’s base, spreading onto the Sperrys. Finding your shoes dirty is completely annoying.

We understand that and it’s true that the shoes with stains can’t be handled as well or often they really don’t work also. Before giving you the instructions or step-by-step guidelines for an appropriate cleaning, let’s summarize the ingredients you need:

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    A soft rubber-bristled brush
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    A mild detergent
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    A bowl
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    Baking soda
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    Sink or bucket
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Step-by-Step Instructions

Now when you know the products you need to clean your white Sperrys, let’s follow the directions of the job and do not use a harsh detergent for cleaning as it makes the shoes dry and eventually spoils them.

Step-1: Let the dirt dry before cleaning the Sperrys

Before you start cleaning your shoes, you should make every mud or dirt completely dry to start with the cleaning process. Once, the shoes are dry, tap the soles together in order to clear the treads. You can use a soft rubber-bristled brush or a toothbrush for scrapping off the bigger pieces of dirt and getting into the creases of the shoes.

Step-2: Take your shoelaces out

After brushing the dirt from your shoes, now it’s time to take your shoelaces out! Simply place the laces in the sink or a bucket with water and a few drops of mild detergent for letting them soak. If you want to spare yourself the effort, you can also purchase new laces from the market. So, you can easily get rid of the old pair by putting them aside for craft projects.

​Step-3: Clean the soles

In order to clean the soles, you need to make a solution of equal portions of baking soda and water in a tiny bowl. Now dip the soft rubber brush or the toothbrush in and mildly massage the paste into the shoe soles. Once you complete massaging, you can wipe the soles clean.

​Step-4: Dip the rubber brush in the detergent solution

You can start to clean your Sperrys utilizing the circular motions from the stains’ outside inwards. An old brush will be an amazing substitute of a regular rubber brush since it doesn’t need more effort from you. Repeat the process and rinse until the Sperrys are clean.

Finally, when you are satisfied with the cleanliness, you need to rinse them with cold water for removing all the traces of detergent. Do it with extreme care as the dried residue of detergent can leave some stains on your shoes. During rinsing, don’t let the water enter your shoes.

​Step-5: Let the Sperrys dry

After the rinsing process, now place your Sperrys in a properly ventilated area and let them dry completely. A great idea will be placing them outside in the heat of the sun.

To keep the structure of your Sperrys as they dry, you should ball up a towel and stuff it inside the white Sperrys. Also, you have to ensure that the white Sperrys are completely dry before you wear them.

​Step-6: Scrub the shoelaces & Rinse them

Now let the shoelaces hang for drying up. Once the shoes and laces are cleaned, you should wait for them for drying completely.


Generally, Sperrys can be washed on the mild cycle in the washing machine as well. Nevertheless, it is better to apply hand wash if the shoes are made of synthetic materials. So, now you know how to clean white Sperrys. Now, apply the step discussed above and share your experience with us.

How To Clean White Sperrys: Expert Advice
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