Maintaining Safety While Working In Kitchen And Right Cooking Tools To Use

Kitchen is a dangerous area of the house and it can be a breeding place of major accidents. Hence you need to be very careful while working in the kitchen all the time. Did you know that professional chefs undergo hours of training to learn about maintaining safety while working in Kitchen? Point is, if you are a home chef you need to be all the more cautious because you would like to keep your family safe too. We have aggregated a list of kitchen safety rules and mentioned what kind of cooking tools you should ideally use for the same. Curious, then read on and try to implement a few if not all.

How maintain kitchen safety by using the right tools?

Learning about basic kitchen safety can prove to be a boon for you in the long run. If you have children then want to put this into action even more. Little curious hands are always trying to reach pans on stove, which many a time may end up in what is known as scalding. This is a big problem and you must pay attention to things like placing pots and pans properly on the stove. Keeping mitts and potholders away from these utensils will also help you in many ways. Here is a thorough discussion that can change the way you work in your kitchen.

  • You – The biggest tool of your kitchen would be you. Yes, you are the responsible one and should be aware of most of the safety rules. Ground rule number one starts with your clothes. Avoid wearing loose fitted clothes while cooking. If possible wear an apron and work as this can keep clothes from staining and keep them in place. Another thing would be to tie hair, which means long or short you should pull it back and cook as this keeps cooking hygienic too. Another pointer, never wear dangling jewelry like bracelets or large rings while cooking as this can cause serious injury. That said, you know what is best for you.
  • Kitchen appliances – One thing we all tend is build sentiments around our household appliances. You just can’t get rid of the blender because it was a wedding gift, even if it is not working. This means throw away appliances that are not working. Period. That toaster you sits on the counter comfortably, but you don’t remember the last time you used it and now you are thinking does it even work. What is the point of storing clutter? Ask yourself, move on and invest in new age gadgets that have low power consumption like a dishwasher, food processor or a garbage disposal.
  • Knives – The most important tool of any kitchen; that must be crowned as the queen if you think the stove to be the king. On a serious note, keep two or three types of knives like an 8 inches one to cut straight into anything and the other would be a 10 inches knife to cut through breads. Just clean them with mild detergent or cleaning agent and wipe clean. You are good to go and no you don’t need a fancy knife set to perform your daily chores. So why buy more and wrack your brains about storing them safely. Then again you should store your knives in a safe place like a drawer for additional safety and keep it out of reach of children.
  • Pots and pans – Invest in modern anodized cookware or you can even look into ceramic cookware if you want to save time and energy. In general most of these pots and pans are ergonomically made and are light in weight. Gone are the days of cast iron stockpots that would twist your wrist. The dawn of non stick cookware has arrived and contemporary cookware has become more practical.
  • Potholders – You can use the traditional cotton ones but what the advanced silicone potholders? Did you give them a try yet? If not then get one today and see how easy it is to grip steaming hot utensils while working in the kitchen. These are easy to clean and quite effortless to use. Rest assured you can be having a good time with these trending potholders.
  • Cutting boards – Get dishwasher safe cutting boards and keep two boards for good. Use one for chopping vegetables or fruits and the other one for meat. This way you limit the growth of bacteria and cross contamination of food as well. It is a brilliant idea to maintain two separate boards as this keeps your cooking organized as well. Remember to keep them clean and immerse them into water for a few minutes before scrubbing once a week at least.
  • Kitchen wipes – In order to keep your kitchen and the counter tidy, you need wipes. Get good quality and sturdy ones to keep the area clean while cooking. Also mop the floor once a day if possible to keep the odor away. Another thing that should be mentioned in here is that you should maintain a dry kitchen floor because you do not want people to slip, trip and fall.
  • Fire extinguisher – This is the ultimate safety device that we can talk about. Getting one means you can avert a tragedy which can take the shape of a catastrophe. Yes, you need to make sure that you know how to operate it, if there a need may be. It is advisable that you install one in the kitchen as this is just like a firewall that protects you by all means.

So now you know that putting simple things into practice can mean a lot and that maintaining Safety while working in Kitchen is not that difficult at all. Following these uncomplicated techniques can make your life easier. This way you can keep things safe and sound around the kitchen without any doubts. Get stated today!

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Maintaining Safety While Working In Kitchen And Right Cooking Tools To Use
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