How To Make Your Kitchen Smart And Organized?

Now this is a dreaded question for most of us, how should we organize our kitchen? If not anything we think we need to do it more efficiently. This is a concern for most of us and we have tried to our best to provide a proper solution to this query of How to make your kitchen smart and organized in an organized way.

  • Uniform and see through containers – This is a must have for any pantry as a see through container helps you find supplies better. The uniform size helps in organizing them neatly. You can stack them one on the other or keep them side by side as per your space and choice. All you need to ensure is that the containers are kept synchronized according to your needs. Reach for the right ones and keep them back in place. This practice will not let it disintegrate anymore and save you from organizing it again and again.
  • Kitchen work zone – Have you ever heard of this one? If yes then you need to create it right away. As for those who haven’t here is what it means, it is a triangular arrangement made out of the refrigerator, sink and oven. This constructs a work zone like that of cleanup zone, food storage zone and baking zone. Now you can categorize and store things the way you want to. Look it is your kitchen and you know what is best for you. This means you know what spices, sauces, utensils and soap you need most. You are your own boss and the kitchen is one such place that should exude your persona well.
  • Measuring spoons – This is another important aspect that never bothers till the time we realize how crucial they are for our cooking. The best thing to keep them handy would be to stack them in a jar right beside the stove. What do you say? Doesn’t that sound convenient? It does right? At least you will not be looking here and there for these spoons when they are needed the most!
  • Keep things logically – It is like Julia Child’s kitchen that had everything that you can think of. It were the markings that helped her reach for things she would need straight away and again keep them back in place. Why don’t you try this technique by keeping things that you need most handy and then thing you would need less. Line them up logically in a sequence you will prefer like this and let your work speak for you.
  • Reuse – Yes, you can always recycle old items or containers for organizing your kitchen. For example:
    • Use baking soda containers or glass containers to store spices
    • Magazine holders to tack your cutting boards
    • Cake pans can be used to store spice jars
    • Use plastic containers to keep food stored in refrigerators
    • Boot racks can be used to stash napkins and mats
  • Safety first – Keep band aids in the kitchen for good as we all know we literally play with fire while in a kitchen. What you can do is keep some in the sink drawer that will help you when you need one for immediate attention. Try it once and you we are sure you will not regret it ever.

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  • Cabinet door – Make the best out of the inside of your cabinet doors. Yes, you heard it right as most of us do not pay attention to this section and it can be used for more. You can use this area to hang the lids, spatulas, grocery list or even use it as a meal planner. Go on get creative with this part and you will be rocking with some space saving ideas.
  • Shelves – This is something that never fails as this is an idea that works for almost any kitchen. Make shelves if you have the budget, well you can even invest some inexpensive ones that will take some load off the kitchen. You can store glasses, plates, jars, spices and anything that you may like. This lends the kitchen a tidier look and rest assured you can also reach for things you want at any time.
  • Hang a rail – This yet another idea that makes it look good that of hanging a rail over the sink. This is practical as the water drops will not matter if they fall into the sink. You can hang spatulas, pots and pans as per your requirement. On the downside it may look a little clumsy to some but if maintained properly it can do wonders. You may also get additional compliments for daring to go this way as most of us like hiding our cookware.
  • Declutter your kitchen – This should be your foremost concern as most of us would hang on to memory especially when it comes to cookware. The wedding registry gifts, baby shower gifts, anniversary gifts and many such gifts simply look cluttered in the kitchen. Not to mention, that clutter weighs the kitchen down and you are not doing any good by stuffing items that you have never used into your kitchen. What is the point as keeping it simple should be the mantra instead of keeping it all. Give it a serious thought and throw away all your junk before they actually become the pain of a lifetime. Well you may sell some items till they have value or are in working condition. Why not go ahead and check that cupboard you have not taken a look at ever since your wedding?

To be precise, we have used simple ways to optimize the best out of your kitchen. Hope this post has given a better understanding about How to make your kitchen smart and organized. We have tried to incorporate new ideas and not the usual ones that you would read on and on without any practical solutions. Do give these a try and let us know how did you do so.

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How To Make Your Kitchen Smart And Organized?
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