Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker “Clean” Light Blinks?

Want to know how to keep your coffeemaker clean at all times? Well here is a tutorial that will tell you what you need to know when Mr. Coffee Clean Light blinks. If you follow the steps in the tutorial you can clean Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker very easily.

You have to understand that like any other product this needs to be maintained and in this case a bit of regular cleaning. Sometimes you may notice that coffee starts to taste bitter and this is a sign that the coffee maker needs to be cleaned. So, read on to know more about how keep it clean in the best possible ways.

Vinegar is Best For Cleaning Mr. Coffee Clean Light 

Now there are many products in the market that you could use to clean your coffee making machine but vinegar seem to be the best and the reasons are listed below for your understanding.

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    First vinegar is not at all expensive and is readily found in all consumer stores and supermarkets.
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    Vinegar is known not to have harmful effects on the environment as it is free from toxic residues.
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    It helps to get rid of all bacteria and mold
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    Since vinegar has good acidic content it can remove stubborn stains from the coffeemaker
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    You will also need some good detergent and warm water

Steps to Clean Your Coffee Maker in The Best Possible Way


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To get good results for cleaning you have to follow a series of systematic steps if you want your coffee maker to be sparkling new. Sometimes you may have to repeat certain steps to get better results.

Step1. Discarding Any Left Over Coffee:

You should start by disposing coffee from the pot and filter. Also give the pot a good rinse and then start to clean the exterior of the maker and heating element.

Step2. Add The Vinegar:

You should make sure that the reservoir is filled with vinegar and water in the ratio 1:3. Make fully sure that the reservoir is filled to the brim with Mr. Coffee Clean Light.

Step3. Switch On The Coffee Maker:

In this step you must turn on the maker as if you are brewing coffee. Let this continue for some time and then switch it off. Let the coffee maker cool for at least 15 minutes

Step4. Intense Cleaning:

Put another mix of water and vinegar into the reservoir and repeat the above steps. This will give the coffee maker a good wash, for every wash you must use a fresh mixture of vinegar and water.

Step5. A Final Wash:

For this step you need to have soap mixed in warm water and with this you must wash the filter basket and the coffee filter. Then make sure you have rinsed the filter and basket, if the smell of coffee still lingers then repeat the wash procedure again.

Some Alternative Method of Washing

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    You may consider washing with de-ionized water; this will remove all traces of vinegar odor. You should also know that this is cheaper than any distilled water. This is very much needed if you want to give your coffee maker a real good cleaning.
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    This process may take about an hour to go through but it is still excellent in giving your coffee maker a real intense cleaning. This alternative method will also make sure that every cup of coffee that you make will be the best you ever had.

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So you see that when Mr. Coffee Clean Light blinks it is an indication that the coffee maker needs a good cleaning. If you follow the tips mentioned here you will get fabulous results nut yes you have to be patient and systematic. Sometimes the cleaning is not going to be very easy so you may have to go over certain steps again and again.

Try to use a soft scrubber to clean the filter and the basket and use gentle strokes and try not to apply too much pressure. Buy mild detergent soap and use it to clean the coffee maker as you do not want it to smell of strong detergent and make sure it does not have strong chemicals as they are harmful to your health. Follow the guidelines properly for best results.

Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker “Clean” Light Blinks?
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