Planned To Clean The Inside Of Your Bathroom, Create Comfortable Spaces, Great For Baths

Is cleaning your bathroom is a hectic job for you? Just it has been for me once, when I tried first time to clean out my bathroom on my own. It really takes time without planning and proper tools of cleaning. Being a very efficient person, I really do not want to waste too much time on this chore, but I also love the neat and clean bathroom and really do not feel comfortable in the dirty bathroom. I tried many different methods in my way and also different tools to find out the best one. In this blog, I will share with you my very effective methods of bathroom cleaning and just in no time. It is a time saver, of course, and also gives you effective results.
Clean and fresh bathroom make it a good experience to do everything in it, while you cannot spend more time even, in a dirty and bad smelled washroom. Smell is a really big issue as well as the cleaning of tiles and toilet. But not impossible, which you cannot even do, it just needs your attention and smart effort to make it shine like a new one.




Uncleaned bathrooms and dirty toilets can play havoc with your health and even you may not know them. Bathrooms are congested, moist areas, really an ideal place for the bacteria and germs to grow. Fungus and mold could homogenize this place due to lot of moisturizer and other factors who trigger their growth.

Disease through toilets

Many types of skin allergies can spread from dirty toilets. You many even caught yeast infection and some other types of infections, if you are using a dirty toilet. When your skin gets in touch with the seat, the germs transfer to you from it. Making it really dangerous to use them, if they are not fulfilling the basic hygiene conditions.

Clean washroom means no infection from them

At your home you have to clean the bathrooms for you and your family. If you are really sensitive to this issue, you can really do it with the proper tools and methods in no time. The sink is used for brushing and other facial washing purposes should be germ free at all, for this you can use some good kind of disinfectants and cleansers.
Bathing area, when cleaned and managed properly, you can enjoy great shower time over there. Which is not enjoyable when the floor is slippery with fungus and smelled with molds.


The first thing you require for this purpose, is the necessary tools for it. Not much not less, but all the required one with you at the time of cleaning, so you may do the job without interruption, every quickly.

  • Put all things in their place
    When you enter in the bathroom, just put down all the things on their place, from where they belong and if it is done, it means you have done half the job, because the mess create all the dirty appearance in the bathroom.
  • Have all the products with you
    Take with you all the cleaning products for bathrooms. I will give you the list of requiring tool, which I use for cleaning my bathroom. They really work well, because it is the quality which matters, not the quantity. Only buy good quality products, they will really add value for you and helps in cleaning.

    • Microfiber cloths for cleaning
    • Cloth for the purpose of glass cleaning
    • Vacuum or mop whichever you prefer for cleaning
    • Good disinfectant or any good cleaner
    • Cleaner for tub and tiles of the bathroom
    • Toilet bowl brush
    • Good quality sponge, which do not cause scratches
    • Garbage bags
    • Glass cleaner for the mirror and windows, you may also use strong vinegar solution for this purpose.
  • Follow my Method for quick clean over
    Now when you are ready doing this task, I will share with you, how I do it in different steps to make the work done efficiently.
  • Spray The Cleaner And Let It Soak
    Spry the cleaner over all the tile area and the walls of tiles and let it soak for a few minutes, meanwhile it works, and you can do other tasks. You have to give it time, so it may soften the stains and other things stick to it. Remove the things from your way before spraying the cleaner, open the door for ventilation or turn on the fan in case you are using very pungent odor cleaner, it is safe for you as well.
  • Tiding
    Meanwhile the cleaner is soaking you can do the tiding. Put all the garbage in garbage bags, collect them and put them aside. Change the bag of bin. Remove the unnecessary items, used towels, dirty clothes and wet mats from the bathroom, and now your quick tiding is done.
  • Cleaning, scrubbing and dusting the bathroom
    Now the cleaner is soaked well enough, you can now scrub the tiles with the sponge. Do it in circular motions and move your hand quickly. When you are done by scrubbing, wash it out with water and mop, if you want to use. Use the microfiber cloth for dusting the bathroom.

Clean the glass and mirrors

Spray the glass cleaner on the window glass and on the mirror. Let it done its job of softening the marks on the glass for a few minutes, meanwhile use your microfiber cloth for removing stains from the door and wood cabinets as they don’t need to soak with cleaner. After few minutes use the microfiber cloth to clean the glass and mirrors. For this purpose I often use the strong mixture of vinegar with water.

Removing bad smell from bathrooms

Disinfectant performs in three different ways.

They kill the germs

Remove bad smell

Remove the stains

While using them make sure they are of good quality, so you may have all three things in one product. Proper ventilation is very much essential for removing bad smell from the bathroom. Let the fresh air circulate in this moist area, to take away the moisturizer and the bacteria along with it. It the door remain close for long time period and no fresh air could enter in the bathroom, they will definitely smell bad without any reason. Turn on the bathroom fan and open the windows and ventilators for proper ventilation.

Never leave the garbage in the bathroom. Empty the bin daily, as the overloaded garbage smell stinky if stayed for a long time in the bathroom.

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Cleaning the toilet

Spray the toilet cleaner all over and under the toilet seat and let it soak for a few minutes. After the required time, take the toiled bowl brush and move it in circular motions to remove the stains and marks from the toilet seat. You can use the microfiber cloth or sponge on the outer portion for cleaning it. Use the cleaner on this portion as well, for shine and complete cleaning.

Cleaning the sink and bathtub

Use the cleaner and give it some soaking time, after that, use the sponge to clean the bathtub and sink. Sink mostly has hard, sticky stains, you may have to give it some extra scrubbing with the sponge, to remove them completely.

Weekly bathroom cleaning plan

If you mop your bathroom daily after using, it is quite good, but not enough to attain good cleaning standards. You can include weekly bathroom cleaning in your schedule, I may take 30 to 40 minutes hardly, and gives you fabulous results.

All you have to do in this way, is to remove all the garbage on a daily basis to avoid the bad smell from the bathroom.

Use the proper ventilation system, for removing bad smell from it. Use disinfectants for deodorizing your bathroom.

If you plan to do it on a weekly basis, you can make your bathroom shine like new and also good for your health.

Arrange the towels on towel stand and remove the wet floor mats form bathroom. Wipe the water from the floor so you may not get slipped in there. Use bathroom slippers while going inside, they are made of material, which do not make you slip in there.


For your personal satisfaction and good health, it is recommended to keep your bathroom neat and clean. You may not have to pass through any bad feelings at the arrival of guests.
Paying little attention to these things, could make them easier for us. With the use of proper method and proper products you can clean your bathroom in less time, and also without any hectic feelings of scrubbing and hard working inside there.
Clean bathrooms make you safe from skin allergies and most of other infectious diseases. If you do not pay attention to them, you or any of your family members may suffer.
If you have kids at home, you should be more careful in this matter of cleaning.

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Planned To Clean The Inside Of Your Bathroom, Create Comfortable Spaces, Great For Baths
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