Plans To Build A Great Kitchen

Why do we need to keep a clean kitchen? This question may occupy the mind of some people. In fact the secret of health lies in cleanliness. When the kitchen is clean and all the debris is out, then practically there will be no place for bacteria and germs to grow. They grow very fast in dirty refrigerators, dirty ovens and dishwashers, under the sink as this place is mostly moist and trigger the growth of fungus and bacteria. Cleaning your kitchen properly and using disinfectants over required places can prevent the bacteria and germs spreading the diseases.
Every day cleaning should be done on a daily basis, but once and twice in the year you really have to dig deeper into the cleaning method and remodify and clean up your kitchen. You can plan some new additions and removal of old and unusable stuff from the kitchen and bring some change in it after some time.


Here I am listing some work needed to be done when planning clean kitchen. For this you have to go through a step by step process of cleaning your kitchen.


Refrigerator comes first in this list. Remove all the stuff from it and clean the shelves and door cabinets with soapy water. Remove the things from freezing compartments and defrost the ice over there. Clean out all the shelves here too, and separate the no usable things. It will decrease the load from it. After cleaning it internally, move back the stuff, but only that one which you will use, not the waste things.
Clean all the jams and ketchup jars and bottles and arrange them in the best manner.

Clean the place under the sink

The place under your kitchen sink are most stinky and dirty, then rest of your kitchen. Put away the dust bin from here and change the dirt bag. Wash the lids, inside and outside of dustbins with soapy water. Change its dirt bag with a new one and put it aside.
Take a sponge and disinfectant and start cleaning the place under it. Wash out all the dirt and debris from this place and finally spread the disinfectant over it. Now put back the dustbin and you are done with it.
How To Clean Stainless Steel Appliances
These days we have so many products made of stainless steel in our kitchens. They may include refrigerators, ovens, cooking ranges, even the cabinets and shelves.
Cleaning them is not a big deal in fact, all you have to do while cleaning them, it to move your hand in the direction of gains formed over the surface of your stainless steel equipment.

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How To Clean A Blender?

Blender start smelling bad, if do not clean properly. Use detergent and vinegar to clean them. First put 2 spoons of detergent and hot water and run it to maximum speed for 5 minutes. Then remove the residue and put in it the mixture of vinegar and lime and run for another 5 minutes and wash thoroughly with water. Now your blender will smells perfect. Clean the motor with wet soapy sponge and then dry it with a microfiber cloth.

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How to Clean A Dishwasher?

In cleaning dishwasher you can use disinfectants and detergents also the vinegar and lime to remove bad odor from it.
Empty the dishwasher and clean the working arms with the help of a toothpick, remove anything stuck in it, with the help of a toothpick, make sure the water can run without interruption. Now pour one cup of bleach and detergent in the bottom and run it to full warm cycle for 20 minutes. Now pour one cup of vinegar and lime juice in it and again run the cycle. It will wash all the things by its self and clean out internally. You have to clean the exterior parts and remove the clogs and debris from this place.

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Selection of the most appropriate instruments for necessities, serves well for cooking, consistent with your kitchen space

Proper kitchen requires a proper instrument and tools for its proper functioning. If everything you need for cooking is available in the kitchen, then you can do the cooking tasks very easily.
Good conditioned dinner sets and plates, best arranged and maintained table with napkins and all the required essentials on it make your kitchen perfect.

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Planning clean, good hygiene in the kitchen every day

20 minutes, if you spend daily on cleaning your kitchen, it can maintain the best condition and increase the hygienic value of your kitchen.

Plans To Build A Great Kitchen
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