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The prime mission of this website is making people aware of cleanliness as well as creating a smart living space. Be it your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or any other corner of your house, we suggest you keep every space neat and clean.

Visiting our site, you can clearly understand that we mainly deal with this matter and want to spread awareness to our readers regarding creating a clean living space and organizing it smartly. We write blogs to offer our readers some genuine tips that are based on exact information why you must maintain cleanliness at your space.

Thereby, in a nutshell, our website possesses two basic aims that include:

So, we hope after visiting our site and reading the precise information we are offering, you can buy the right cleaning product for your space.

The Reason We Created This Scholarship Program:​

​As of now, we have clarified that our prime motto is to spread awareness regarding cleanliness. Well, this time we have initiated a scholarship program which is purely for the poor students who are needy and don’t have money to get proper education. So, our main mantra is offering them a proper education by arranging this scholarship program.

Students, who don’t have money for getting tuitions, can easily fulfill their dreams by participating in this scholarship program. In this program, they are free to show their creativity, flexibility and uniqueness as well.​

The Requirements For Students To Participate In This Scholarship Program ( 2017 - 2018 ):

All students are required to submit their article within 30th June 2018.

We definitely believe in higher education and that is the reason of this program’s arrangement. So, from students also we are expecting something unique and creative.

We basically require the students to provide us with an article of 500-1000 words on the topic " importance of cleaning and organizing the living space for their family ".​

However, this content must not be a story only. The key points of judging the winner will be:​

  • Uniqueness
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity

Students can apply their innovative ideas so that they can create some useful information and offer an informative content to our readers.

  • At, we reserve all the rights of publishing any of the content entries we receive.
  • Students can join this scholarship program at totally free of cost, as our site doesn’t ask any fee or charge any willing student.
  • Our site will not accept any non-English submission by any student.

The Requirements For Student Submissions:

In order to submit your article, you must remember to provide us with the following information:

  • Your complete name with your address and contact number
  • The school you are enrolled with
  • Slight information about yourself as a proof of your being a student

Alongside submitting this information, we want you to show your creativity through your article writing for our site.

The Reward For The Winner Of The Scholarship Program:

We will reward the winner of this scholarship program with an amount of $500 within 30-60 days.

Students are requested to email their entries to If they have any query regarding this program, they can email us at​

We use to arrange this type of scholarship program every year. So, after awarding the winner students, we’ll start our next program ASAP.​

Recent Winner

The winner of The Cleaninsider Scholarship 2017

The Results are finally here:

Total Number of Submitted Articles: 25

Congratulations to Sharon Meredith for winning this Scholarship Program.

The Cleaninsider Scholarship
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