Tips For DIY Pest Control At Your Kitchen

Did you know that most pests can be controlled with some do it yourself fixes? If you didn’t then you have reached the right place to get real information about DIY pest control at your kitchen. No one likes unwanted guests and kitchen being one place that has no place for roaches, rodents, spiders, bugs or insects of any kind. In order to keep the critters away you need follow some simple steps that have been jolted down in this discussion, read on for more.

DIY pest control tips for your kitchen

Think about it again, why opt for a DIY pest control? This is because you find the services of the pest controller to be out-and-out expensive. Plus this kind of pest control damages your nervous system, causes breathing problems, can be a carrier of cancer and certainly pollutes the air. Hence taking refuge in DIY pest control for your kitchen can be one resort to do it in a harmless way. Follow the simple rule and you could get a winning combination to keep the bugs out of your kitchen.

  • Cleanup – To start with pest control of any sort you need to ensure that your kitchen is not the breeding place of insects because of your indolence. So prep up and clean everything that seems to be dirty, mop the spills immediately, take put garbage on a timely basis, do your dishes and put away food in air tight containers. This will help terminating the intent of these pests as most of them look for easy food and shelter. Give them no reason to call your kitchen their home at least.
  • Regular inspection – This is another thing that you need to keep in mind that to inspect your kitchen for leaks and cracks. If there are any, then you need to fix right away as pests will find their way up these openings otherwise. This means check the faucets, vents, joints and holes for fissures. Sealing the holes and gaps can be a good idea as pests like cockroaches, rodents, spiders and ants will not be able to access your kitchen if there is no opening.
  • Ventilation – Remember one thing that pests love damp and moist ambiance. This suggests that you should keep your house ventilated properly. Air circulation and sunlight can take care of things naturally. A kitchen surely does not need anything more than these two ingredients to keep it safe from the evil clutches of pests. Ventilation can keep your kitchen odor free which is another source of attracting pests. Not to mention, that keeping your kitchen will make you and your family happy too.
  • Vacuum consistently – It may not be possible to find every bug hidden under the carpet. You can sweep them and neither can you find them at a glance. What do you do then? You vacuum and take them out, yes this is a strategy that never fails. You can vacuum them out from the most impossible of places that you may not be able to reach otherwise. No more squishing roaches, crushing stinkbugs or getting infected with the slime. Just blow them up with a nice suction pump that will remove all the larvae and any nesting they may have made.
  • Install sweep doors – If you have heard about this particular thing, then you can make it useful for your kitchen. Installing a sweep door means bidding adieu to many additional problems. A sweep door can sweep the bugs that tend to hide under the door because you will be closing the door on and off. This will clear out anything trying to seeking for protection under the door. These are easy to install because you can opt for the stick on types as well. These are readily available at hardware stores and you can choose the one that suits your requirement.
  • Repair – Repair torn windows, take a look at the counters and broken drawers. This way your kitchen will look less inviting to the invading pests because your kitchen will not have openings. Do not put off repairing work for the kitchen at least because this is the place, you store your food. Do not let it vulnerable, as it can fall an easy prey to pests and rodents all the time. Repair every nook and corner if possible and keep it maintained for good. No do not let them breed in your kitchen as it is the heart of your house. You cook food for your family and want it to be cooked served most hygienically. Why compromise with the health of your family?
  • Clutter free – This is another important section that will tell you significance of keeping your kitchen clutter free. Just throw away anything that you don’t need or else you know this surplus will serve as the breeding ground for pests. You surely don’t want to do that because you want to keep your tidy and clutter free all the time. Newspaper junk, piles of pots and pans and old plates that no longer matter to you should be removed with immediate effect. There are no ifs and buts because these are nice and warm places that insects can find sanctuary in. All you need to do is to remove all these and vacuum the place properly to keep bugs away from your kitchen.


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Just be careful while implementing these tips especially if you have kids and pet at home. Make sure that you keep everything from your DIY pest control at your kitchen out of reach of children. For pets ensure that they do not lick anything that you set as a trap for rodents or any other insect. Most importantly put your pest controlling items stashed away from everyone to avoid contamination of any kind. If you love cooking and kitchen is the part of the house you spend most of your time, then this is a must do for you.

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Tips For DIY Pest Control At Your Kitchen
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Braden Bills - January 17, 2017

I’ve noticed some mouse droppings in my kitchen. It makes sense that I would want to keep it clean! That way pests won’t have anywhere to hide. I’ll hire a professional if I notice any more.

Fred Harvey - February 3, 2017

Bug extermination is one thing that , if you are anything like me , you are investing upwards of $300 a year on. Well you don’t have to. After a bit of study I discovered out that I can buy the same spray ( safe for kids and domestic pets ) that the advantages use and do my own bug zapping. And in my circumstance, I’m quite certain that I am now making use of better things than my previous pest management company.

JAHD - February 25, 2017

All the tips you gave were excellent, but my favorite was the tip to make it a habit of keeping your house clean. Like you said, this is painfully obvious put painfully effective. When I was in my freshman year of college I lived in a university apartment complex. Very few people there did their dishes, took our their trash, or did their laundry. There were always complaints of beetles and the like. Looking back, nearly all of the issues could have been fixed if people took a few minutes to clean every day!

Heather - August 28, 2017

It’s amazing to find out the little places that insects can nest and infiltrate, so it’s imperative that you fix entry points and clean consistently, otherwise you’ll see an influx of bugs around the house. Thanks for sharing!

Larry Weaver - September 18, 2017

I haven’t heard of sweep doors being used to sweep bugs under the door before, so thanks for the tip! My dad’s place has been seeing quite the bug problem since he left for vacation a few months back, and it has been difficult to keep it under control. Getting a sweep door and looking for pest control services seems like the best route to take for my dad’s place.


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