What Does A ‘Clean Title’ Mean in The Context of Used Cars?

Are you thinking buying a car? Are you low on a budget and planning to invest in used cars? Beware of the whole car selling racket if this is your first time No offense, but it surely is a big concern for first time buyers at least. Don’t worry, we are here to help and you will be glad to know that we have found a way out of this mess for you. Ever heard of clean titles?

You may be thinking What Does Clean Title Mean, but this is a sure shot way to find out more about a vehicle you may be interested in. Let us find out how we can do so. 

Yes, What Does Clean Title Mean?

Without wasting much of your time, we would like to straight away get down to business. A clean title means the car you may be fascinated by was not involved in a theft, survived flood or most importantly has not met with major accidents.

It was not totaled ever in the past and has no salvage records (when insurance refuses to pay for the damages) too. In short, it was never purported to any illegal incidents and is totally street worthy. 

Difference between Clear and Clean Title

Again, clean title does not necessarily mean that the vehicle has no outstanding balances to pay. That is to say, if you want to know if the car has a lien history, then you need to dig deeper. A clear title on the other hand, vindicates the fact that the vehicle has no liens, loans or any financial constraints against it. Most people would confuse between the two and we did not want you to fall prey to the “N” or “R” problem. 

How Do You Find Out if Your Car has a Clean Title?

This is no science, so there could be not any specific answer to this, other than research. Yes, in order to find out more about the car that has captivated you, one must demeanor follow a line of investigation. There is no shame in that because it is your hard money at stake. It is not only the money, but also the peace of mind. Imagine if you find out that the vehicle you just bought was stolen, wouldn’t that be a catastrophe?

Unfortunately, some shoddy car dealers will try to sell automobiles that have been wrecked disastrous accidents as clean title. Here are a few pointers that can be used to delve into a coupé that mesmerizes you so much:

Ask The Manufacturers

Yes, this is a possibility because brands like Volkswagen, Toyota, Chrysler and Acura have all the information that you may need. These companies have all the records of repairs and history, while your insurance company can provide you with the true value of the vehicle.


Okay, when we discuss clean title, this name is bound to crop up as they have it all in their website. They cater to Canada and North America for now, but they have all the details that you may want to collect in reference to used light truck as well as cars.

History, owners, title numbers, salvages, liens and red flag, you can find it all. This account quite obviously makes it easy for you to decide in favor or against of the vehicle of your choice.

Asking Price

Another thing to check when buying used cars is to analyze the price tag. Does the price sound legit? Like considering factors like mileage, present condition and the real value of the car need to be in harmony with the price that seller asks of it. The bottom line is the Blue Book value should be tampered with as that has to be fair. You may try a tool like Kelley Blue Book for this.

Know the seller

When purchasing used cars, you must take care of one thing that of approaching an authentic seller. Make this an imperative as you must ensure that you are visiting a top notch seller for reliability.

You cannot deny the significance of a good seller and you must not forget to read the reviews about them. The testimonials will give you a fair idea as what you ware walking into more genuinely. So, trust your senses and take a leap of faith.

Additional Tips To Protect You Against The Odds

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    You may also contact AutoCheck instead of CARFAX
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    Ask the seller to provide you with all the details of the car that may include repairing history, list of owners or even accident records
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    National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTS) that has reports from junkyards, insurance companies and salvage entities
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    This data helps to check on individual states as it represents 96% of DMV database
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    You may also take your most trusted mechanic along with you to get auto checked
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    Check on safety ratings by pulling up the records at NHTSA


By now, you may have actually got What Does Clean Title Mean in actuality. You certainly need to know the clear liens, salvage history and inspection reports along with clean title before you take a call. Undoubtedly, all this lower down the risk of your buy.

Most definitely, you would look forward to invest in a car that has not been involved in theft or drag racing. So, this effort is worth a shot and you must conduct a research at your own level if you want the better of it. 

What Does A ‘Clean Title’ Mean in The Context of Used Cars?
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